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sometimes there are sites that require to save additional fields in login forms, not only username/password. I know that it's possible to save these custom fields by using the standard 1Password extension, as it's explained here:, but what about 1PasswordX? I can't seem to find this option. It's no big deal, but I have installed both the extensions at the sime time for this reason. Do you plan to make this feature available even in 1PasswordX?
Many thanks

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  • Would be a nice feature

  • YaronYaron

    Team Member

    Hey guys,
    Usually the process is fairly similar in 1Password X:

    • Get to a new website's login form, save the username and password as a new login.
    • If there's an additional page with another field (or several), see if the 1Password X icon shows up in one of the fields when you focus it. If it does, you can click it and navigate to save it as a login as well.
    • Selecting to save it as a login will let you choose whether to save it as a new login or update the existing one.

    If you have an example of such website, post the link here and we'll test it to give you exact instructions :chuffed:

  • Hi Yaron,
    Unfortunately the istructions you provided don't seem to work. Here's the link: I had to manually save the login using 1Password standard extension

  • YaronYaron

    Team Member

    Hey Marco,
    I have tested this website and this login form does not allow 1Password X's menu to pop up. Even when I manually right clicked one of the fields and forced 1Password X to show, I could not click it.

    Did you manage to save all of the fields using the regular extension?

  • edited August 11

    Yes I had to use the regular extension, as I said in the OP. In order to auto fill this form, I have to click on 1PasswordX extension, and click on "Fill"

  • YaronYaron

    Team Member

    Thanks for the info Marco.
    While we do our best to make 1Password understand all kinds of login forms, it is an endless battle as new and "innovative" websites show up every day :lol:

    If you come across any other websites such as this, feel free to post them here and we will gladly check them out.

  • Overly optimistic responses are normal for you guys.

  • YaronYaron

    Team Member

    That's the only way we roll :sunglasses:

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