Accessing 1Password if all devices are lost

If I lose a single device, accessing my 1Password data and setting up 1Password on a new device is not a problem. This is because I have multiple devices with 1Password installed and so I always have access to my Secure Key through one of these devices.

If I lost all my devices (e.g. due to theft) am I correct in thinking I wouldn't be able to login to or setup 1Password on a new device because I wouldn't have access to a secure key?

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  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Hi @omzaz!

    You can still login to a new device if you have a copy of your Emergency Kit stored in a safe place ;)

  • Thanks.

    A few follow up questions

    1) Not sure how comfortable I feel with a having a piece of paper with my secret key and master password written on it. Presumably if someone got hold of this (e.g. via a break in at my home) they gain access to all my 1Password data?

    2) If I avoid writing the master password on this kit does it mean if someone found the kit they would not be able to access my 1Password data unless they were able to guess or brute force my password (even though they would have my secret key)?

    3) What do people do to prepare for the possibility of lost/stolen devices whilst away from home for an extended period?
    Do you carry an emergency kit with you (with master password field left blank)?

  • 1) Since I have the same objections about storing it at home, I store it at a bank lock box where only my wife and i have access. Thus even if someone breaks into our house my 1Password Data is safe. It also provides my wife with a possibility to access all my data if something should happen to me and vice versa. The big advantage of having it on a piece of paper is that you know if it is compromised, since it requires physical access.

    2) It does mean that if someone were to find it he/she would have to brute force your masterpassword, which is not quick. You could just change your credentials and create a new secret key in case you notice your Emergency Kit was compromised.

    3) I would leave the Emergency Kit (minus Master-PW) with a family member or friend I deeply trust in a sealed envelope and would carry the contact data for them printed out somewhere safe on me.

  • @peacekeeper - thanks for sharing your approach and suggestions

  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member

    I am glad that peacekeeper was able to help @omzaz :)

    In addition to those great tips, I have heard people mention that they keep a copy of their Secret Key in their wallet. No Master Password, just the Secret Key. Perhaps this could also be an option if you don't want to use a safe box and you don't trust your home to store the Emergency Kit.

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