Steal data by an Addon?

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would it be possible for another extension to come in my 1Password account?
Or the login data to be filled out to steal?

That's the extension I mean:

Why does LanguageTool require permission "Access your data for all websites"?

This permission is required to read the text you type into text fields. LanguageTool will read the text you type into multi-line fields. Most single-line fields and all password fields are skipped.

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  • Hi @blaxxz,

    As you've posted this in the 1Password X section can I ask, are you specifically wondering about the inline menu and/or the extension popup from the 1Password X button or are you more wondering about the 1Password web interface?

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member


    Yes, extensions that have the ability to read data from web pages would have the potential to be able to steal your credentials as you enter them, regardless of how you enter them. This means that whether you use 1Password or not (or any other password management tool) this is an attack vector you should consider when deciding which extensions to install. They wouldn't be stealing the data from 1Password, they'd be stealing it from the web page once it is filled in.


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