Suggestion for improving browser extension

I use different browsers for different tasks.
Google Chrome - personal files.
Google Chrome Canary - development.
Firefox - Work.
And so on…

For each type of activity I have created a separate Vault.
I really want to be able to assign a specific Vault to a specific browser, so as not to constantly switch them!

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  • Settings -> Browsers

    If you use browsers based on the Chromium browser: Google Chrome, Google Chrome Canary, Chromium - they all display the same way. Very, very not comfortable, and confuses me. Please make your browser definition more accurate!

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @Artem4ik: What you're trying to do with regard to having a different vault in each browser is sort of the opposite of how most people use 1Password, and, therefore how we've designed it. It just doesn't work that way. You can, however, create different vaults for different browsers/workflows (a lot of people have a work vault separate from their personal stuff, for example). And some people take it a step further and setup multiple 1Password accounts within their membership (often using guests) for even greater separation between work/personal or other things. I think that might be useful for you, but I do want to be clear again that the specific use case you have in mind isn't something we can justify designing around; it's literally never come up before, as far as separate vaults for separate browsers; and the 1Password app is fundamentally made to give people access to all their important data in all supported browsers. But it may be something that works for you, so I wanted to bring it up. :)

    As far as connected browsers in the Windows app, Chrome-based browsers often just identify themselves as "Chrome". That's not something we have control over, and it also can affect the "authorized devices" list in a 1Password account profile as well. But we'll see if we can get more accurate information in the future. Cheers!

  • Hi @Artem4ik,

    Do you have a 1Password account? If you do there might be a way to get closer to your desired setup but it's a case of strengths and weaknesses. Let me elaborate.

    Any 1Password account user can also use our 1Password X extension as well as either 1Password for Mac or 1Password for Windows. Now we did originally design 1Password X to add support for platforms such as Linux or ChromeOS, places we don't have a native client but a number of people only use 1Password X. As each copy of 1Password X is its own separate client you could set up different ones with different All Vaults so that only a particular vault is accessible by default.

    The downside is each copy of 1Password X will need to be unlocked and they won't take any cues from 1Password for Windows, at least not yet anyway. As it is an extension, if the process is terminated it means you will need to unlock it again for the next use and this is more apparent on a Windows PC as when you close the last window the entire application is quit. I could see 1Password X feeling more frustrating on Windows compared to macOS where a closed window doesn't do this and 1Password X will remain unlocked.

    As an aside, if you like to keep things separate and you like Chrome have you considered Chrome profiles to achieve the same result but without needing to maintain multiple browsers? Just thought I'd throw it out there in case you hadn't used them before. If it's something that sounds interesting you can learn more about Chrome profiles at Share Chrome with others or add a profile.

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