Default Setting to Copy Website Not Open and Fill


I would like to request the ability to have a setting to change the default option for websites to copy the URL/IP address and not Open and Fill.

I imagine a lot of people use the Open and fill option, but for others, like myself, who only use copy it is a hassle. Therefore a setting that could change the default to copy, would be a great improvement.

I believe this would be helpful for macOS, Windows, and iOS (I use all three on a daily basis).


1Password Version: 7.3.684
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: W10 1803 Enterprise
Sync Type: 1Password


  • bundtkatebundtkate

    Team Member

    Thanks for the feedback, @jcsully217! I also don't use open and fill much, so I feel ya there, though I haven't personally changed my habits away from using my normal bookmarks so this isn't something I've noticed much. It's easier for me to open a website as I always have and Ctrl + \ to fill. For what it might be worth, you can right-click and select copy on Windows (a bit smoother to my mind than using the dropdown option) and you can long press and select "open in Safari" on iOS which will open, but won't fill. I'm not aware of any similar equivalents on Mac, but I'm also not the best Mac resource in the world as I spend most of my time on Windows. Regardless, I hope these help to improve your experience for now and I'll be sure to pass along your feedback to the team. :chuffed:

  • Similar to @jcsully217 , I also would like to be able to have the default for URLs be to copy instead of open and fill.

    I help maintain a number of websites for other organizations - often this includes logging in to their hosting provider or domain registrar. In these two cases in particular (but also in various others), I have credentials for several accounts at a single service provider. When these service providers "remember" user accounts that have been used on my computer, I sometimes have to choose which user I want to login as, and then provide the password, defeating the open and fill, and requiring me to hunt through the list to pick the correct user. Previously (using KeePass), I was able to specify per item which browser I wanted to open the URL in. By specifying an Incognito or Private mode window, I could easily avoid my browser saving a record of the accounts I use with that service, expediting the login process, and ensuring I always log in as the user I intend to make changes for.

    My workaround in 1Password is to copy the URL, and then paste it in an incognito window, or other non-default browser profile, but the default click behavior being forced as to open and fill is often frustrating. An option to change the default, or a modifier key to change the default click behavior would be a great addition to 1Password in my opinion.

    Better still would be the option to specify per-item a preferred browser and mode (incognito? specific user profile?), but I would be quite happy with some way to more simply copy the URL for an item.

  • bundtkatebundtkate

    Team Member

    Thanks for chiming in, @boyEatsSteak! I'll be sure to add your voice on this issue. Out of curiosity, do these sites remember your user with the common "remember me" checkbox, by chance? I know some do this automatically these days, but I know I have a few Logins where I've managed to make 1Password either check or uncheck that remember me box as part of my Login item. Now, I will freely admit I don't know how I managed this and I have as many that check it when I don't want it checked as those that leave it unchecked per my preference, but I can see having your Login item set to ensure that box is unchecked being a potential help for your use-case as well. If I'm right and it would improve things for you, I'm happy to interrogate our extensions team about how that works and share my findings. :chuffed:

  • Thanks @bundtkate, the first site that comes to mind does not have an option to be remembered or not, it seems to do it on its own.

    Another thought was to have a keyboard shortcut for copying the URL for the selected item.

    Thanks for helping route our feedback to the correct places!

  • bundtkatebundtkate

    Team Member

    It could be 1Password checking that for you, @boyEatsSteak. It could also be the site for sure, but even in that case, 1Password might be able to uncheck it for you. This might be more fuss than it's worth, but you could try manually updating that Login with the remember me box unchecked. Visit the site, copy/paste user and password (telling it to forget your old one as needed), uncheck box, then click the gear icon in mini and choose "Save Login". Select the option to update the proper Login item and give open and fill another try. See if it fills proper and unchecks that box for you. If it works, you can update others in the same fashion to avoid being remembered getting in your way. All of those updates are why it might be more fuss than it's worth, but an option that might streamline things long term all the same.

  • Thank you for the ideas @bundtkate. Some of the sites don't have a "remember me" check box at all, so I don't think this will help there.

    A workaround I considered was to set my browser to automatically delete cookies for certain domains when the session closes, but I would have to do that at least per-browser, possibly per-device - and that isn't worth it to me at this time.

    I'm still hopeful that a settings option, or a new shortcut key combo could be provided in 1Password, as that would be a huge benefit to me, and I believe it would be a perfect compliment to the existing copy username and copy password shortcut keys.

    I appreciate you trying to help me find a workaround though!

  • bundtkatebundtkate

    Team Member

    Oh, it's no trouble at all, @boyEatsSteak. We're definitely always on the lookout for this type of feedback, but since we can rarely get it out to the world right away, I try to think up ways to help now. If I'm honest, 1Password is presently more likely to check that box when I don't want it to than the other way around. Cursed things seem to always check themselves by default and I can't be trusted to remember to uncheck them so I may personally be better off if that wrokaround broke, but if it can help from time to time, I can take one for the team. :lol:

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