Why does browser (Chrome) now keep prompting me for Secret Key?

I used to be able to log in to my.1password.com/signin?l=en with just my (single, one and only) master password. Now, every time I try to log on, it keeps asking me for my secret key. I have my (very long) secret key, but it is a pain and time consuming to now have to enter the secret key every time -- the whole point of "1 password" is that I should only need "1" password, not "2". What happened? How do I go back to the old way so I can access all my passwords by only entering 1 master password, instead of having to enter both the master password and secret key every time? Help! Thanks.

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  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @Peter_Ricoy

    I'm sorry about the trouble. Chrome should be remembering your Secret Key for you. Do you remember installing any extensions or changing any settings in Chrome around the time this started happening? It sounds like either Chrome is no longer properly remembering this for you, or the "This is a public or shared computer" checkbox is getting checked when you sign in.

    Please let me know.


  • Hi Ben: Thanks for responding. I'm definitely not checking "This is a public or shared computer" checkbox, and I haven't installed any extensions. But you are right about not 1Password not recognizing Chrome as a single device. I just now logged into my 1password account, and went into "my profile" and looked at "authorized devices" and see that Google Chrome is listed on there about 8 separate times (most also listing the same IP address), as if each were a different device. Any other thoughts? Thanks again for your help. -Peter

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Is your Chrome browser configured to delete cookies when you quit it?

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