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I have an account key; I cannot log into my account either online via safari or into the iPassword app on my MacBook Air b/c my master password is not being accepted. If I delete my account, will my account key be no longer valid? My contact info and other associated info will no longer be available to agile bits? please advise how I can get restarted with my account key? Do you need my account key to respond/advise?

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    Hi @jm200p

    I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble. If you've forgotten your Master Password I'd recommend reviewing this guide:

    If you forgot your Master Password or you can't unlock 1Password

    I'm not sure what you mean by an 'account key' (we don't use that term) but if you have a 1Password membership account and would like to delete it you can do that by following the prompts here:

    Does that help? Please let me know.


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    on my iPassword Emergency Kit there are four fields:
    sign-in address:
    Master Password: blank field

    perhaps account key is the "secret key"?

    But I feel that my query is still not answered even with the link you provided. Please respond directly to my query:

    If I delete my account, will my account key be no longer valid? My contact info and other associated info will no longer be available to agile bits? please advise how I can get restarted with my account key? Do you need my account key to respond/advise?


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    @jm200p: Do not share your account credentials with anyone. Sorry for the confusion there though. For a short time when we first introduced 1Password memberships, what is now called the Secret Key was called the "Account Key", years ago.

    If I delete my account, will my account key be no longer valid?

    Yes. If you delete your account, it will cease to exist. The Account Key/Secret Key and Master Password will not be relevant, as they would be for data in the account, which was deleted. It's like having a key to a house that was demolished.

    On the other hand, if you still have an account (i.e. you did not yet delete it) but do not have all the credentials needed to access it, it will be useless to you. In that case, you could setup a new account, but you would then have a new Secret Key (F.K.A. Account Key), since that is randomly generated on your device during account creation. The old "Account Key" will not be relevant to a new account, only the old one.

    Is your 1Password data accessible to you on any of your devices? If so, it would be helpful to know the information you left out of you original post: the OS, 1Password, and extension versions you're using there. Let me know either way.

  • "Delete account" is a confusing term. When one makes that request, is the subscription paid for then cancelled and no longer valid? It seems to be a unrevokeable action that both deletes everything that has been stored as well as completely eliminates the subscription one had. Which is what the original poster seems to be looking to avoid. And I'm in the same boat. So what do I do when I cannot get 1password to accept my master password, have verified the secret key 6 times, have tried 13 different permutations of the master password, and STILL want to continue the subscription and use the service. That doesn't sound like "delete account" and there are no approrpiate support resources on this topic.

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    @brianglett: I never heard back from them, so neither of us are in a position to say one way or the other about the original poster's situation; only they are.

    "Delete account" is very straightforward, as it means just what it says. There is a support article for that, because it's something people want to do from time to time for various reasons:

    How to delete your 1Password account

    If you do want to delete an account, that gives you several ways to do it. If you don't want to, or there are extenuating circumstances, please shoot us an email at [email protected] with the details so we can look into it. We can't discuss the specifics of you or anyone else's account here in a public forum.

    It sounds like you may be looking for something else entirely though. If you do not enter the Master Password you setup for your account correctly along with all other account credentials, you won't be able to sign in. The Master Password used to secure your data is not known to us and is not something we can "reset" for you to help directly. However, please try the tips in this guide as they may help you gain access again:

    Alternatively, if you're part of a 1Password Family or Team, another Owner, Organizer, or Admin can help you recover your account, so you can create a new Secret Key and Master Password:

    Otherwise you can try as many times as you want, and consider any password you may have used, as what you setup for your account can be different from how you've setup the apps without an account previously.

  • I've sent the email and tried the Twitter handle. No responses. Followed support instructions to delete account and can't get in still. Promo code I used seems to be lost. This is a really bad onboarding situation.

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    @brianglett: If you deleted your account, of course you will not be able to access it. :(

    I see that you've sent us several messages across multiple channels within the last three hours. We aren't able to respond to you that quickly everywhere at once, especially on a holiday evening, and, frankly, the multiplication of messages can cause confusion and slows down the support process for everyone -- including you. I will close this discussion and follow up with you via email to discuss your situation, so let's continue the conversation there to avoid further confusion and duplication of effort.

    ref: DEC-69576-187

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