How to remove (permanently) logins from a 1Password 7 installation and one more related question.

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So how do I remove (permanently) some logins from an installation of 1Password 7 I own on an older MacBook Pro such that I can keep some logins on that install but remove some others such that they will be gone forever from that install, not just relegated to the trash from which they can easily be restored. I'm sure I should know this but just don't.

Then, related, on an even older MacBook Pro that is running 1Password 6, how do I uninstall 1Password from that machine such that the application, vault and all are gone??? How do I clean 1Password completely from that older machine???

Holler back... thanks...

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  • Hey, @diitto.

    I'm not a 1Password team member, but in regards to completely uninstall/delete 1Password from your MacBook, you can follow these steps. About permanently deleting an item, it depends... I believe that if you only have a stand-alone license, then by emptying the Trash an item would be permanently deleted. However, if you have a 1Password membership, then you'd need to:

    1. Sign in to your account through
    2. Go to the Vault where the item is located
    3. Find the item and delete it by clicking Edit > Move to Trash
    4. Then click Trash > Empty Trash
    5. Click View Archived Items
    6. To permanently remove an item forever and ever click Destroy

    In any case, wait for an official confirmation from a team member. Hope that helps :)

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @diitto: I'd exercise caution to you or anyone else trying to destroy data. There are some things that cannot be undone, and I'd hate for anyone to nuke something and have regrets later.

    I will also say that in addition to arturoaubry's comments above about the built-in backup/restore functionality of 1Password memberships, when using 1Password as a standalone app (i.e. without a membership) it also saves backup archives periodically to its support folder. So if you are really sure you want to wipe out everything, you'd need to delete those as well.

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