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Long time user of Lastpass, but got sick of their horrible support. Love 1Password for it's better UI and it consistently works with the fingerprint scanner on my Pixel 3XL.

My question is regarding the password generators default password length. I have read and understand your reasoning for suggesting a 20 character password (it's a good compromise on security for any type of attack), but there are still a lot of sites out there that limit your password character length to 8, 10 or 12 characters and I've been bitten more times than I'd like to count by using the suggested password length of 20 characters, saving the password and then trying to enter the site filling in the 20 character password when only 12 digits are accepted (I actually got into a loop of this happening four times before I figured out what was going on...I am not a smart man ;) ).

Would it be possible to give us the per generation option of specifying a shorter password as one of the options in the drop down that suggests the password? If not, I have to physically not select to use the generated password, open 1Password, click the + icon, select Password Generator, change the length, copy the password and manually go through creating a whole new entry. A drop down option would be great, allowing the user to take a slightly shorter path to selecting a shorter password, while still defaulting to the recommended 20 character length.

Thanks for the software and keep up the good fight.


1Password Version: 1Password X Chrome and Desktop
Extension Version: 1.15.6 (Chrome) 7.3.684 (Windows)
OS Version: Windows 10 64bit
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @jcclow: That has totally happened to me! The only thing worse than a site with bad password requirements is a site with bad password requirements that doesn't tell you about them or enforce them properly. :lol: I can laugh about it now, but when it's happening it's absolutely crazy-making. I'm sorry that happened to you too!

    As far as adding the customizable password generator to the dropdown, It's something we can consider. But, mercifully, we don't hear of a lot of folks running into issues like this regularly (though it may seem more common to you and I due to our battles with that kind of website!) and we do want to keep the awesome convenience of the Suggested Password feature as pure as we can if possible. But we'll continue to evaluate this as we develop future versions according to feedback from everyone. Thank you for bringing this up! :)

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