Version 7 extension in Chrome requires old master password from Version 4 to open

I just upgraded from standalone 1Password4 to 1Password7 family subscription. The migration went smoothly and I was able to transfer my files from Dropbox. I created a new master password for my version 7 subscription. I did not remove 1Password4 from my Windows 10 PC and I use the Chrome browser. Although the new master password opens my 1Password account on the website, my old master password is required to open the 1Password7 extension in Chrome. How do I get the Chrome extesion to recognize the new master password?

1Password Version: 7.3.684
Extension Version:
OS Version: Windows 10
Sync Type: 1Password subscription


  • I just realized the app on my PC also requires my old master password. It appears I need to change the master password on my app to match my master password for my subscription. How?

  • HenryHenry

    Team Member

    If your 1Password account is properly syncing with the 1Password app for Windows, there's only one common reason why the 1Password app might be requiring a different Master Password than your account's: a different account or vault was added to the app first.

    Open and unlock 1Password and head to Settings > Vaults: if you see a Primary vault in the 1Password app there, for example, that's the standalone vault (separate from your 1Password account) that might have come from your previous 1Password 4 setup. If you don't have any data in your Primary vault that isn't also in your 1Password account's vaults, you can remove your Primary vault. If you do have any data in the Primary vault that's not yet in your account-synced vault, get in touch with us directly so we can help via email.

    Hope this clears things up, and I'll be here for more anytime. :)

  • Thanks for the prompt reply. I checked the vaults in the app and only my family vaults displays. Private and shared vaults are displayed under family vaults and only private vault is checked as I haven't set up a shared vault yet. There is no primary vault displayed.

  • Incidentally, I also installed 1Password7 from the same account on another Windows 10 device and on two iOS devices to replace the standalone 1Password4 programs and things went smoothly on all devices. I saw and removed the old primary vaults on each and all devices now use the new master password. It is only the first PC I tried upgrading that still wants the old master password.

  • bundtkatebundtkate

    Team Member

    It's possible that PC had some old leftover 1Password 6 data if you ever gave it a try before, @kohlinger. Regardless of precisely how it got there, though, this behavior clearly shows it has retained something about that old account so the best thing to do is reset your app and sign in fresh. Keep in mind that you'll need all of your 1Password credentials to set things up again so make sure you have your e-mail, Secret Key, and sign-in address handy along with your account's Master Password. When you're ready reset 1Password and sign in again:

    Let me know if that gets this last PC on the right page again. :+1:

  • That did the trick bundtkate. Thank you!!!

  • bundtkatebundtkate

    Team Member

    It's no trouble at all, @kohlinger! Apologies for that bit of annoyance there and I'm glad all devices are back on the same page again. :chuffed:

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