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I'm currently testing 1Password 7 on Android as a replacement for my previous password manager, and even though I find it to be the most beautiful solution out there, I do have a few questions.
Autofill is enabled in the Android Settings; the Accessibility features is disabled. I'm using Bitwarden as a comparison product.

1) In Chrome (v.76), the autofill feature is completely absent, no login field on any website triggers the autofill option. I'm guessing this is an issue with Chrome itself, since no other password manager app (including Bitwarden) is working, either. Still, do you know of a way to fix this, except using the Accessibility feature?

2) In DuckDuckGo browser (v.5.32.1), the autofill is triggered, but it won't enter the username when selecting a login. I tried a couple of websites, Twitter as the most prominent example; even a new login I created minutes before, using 1Passwords autofill integration, does not work. In Bitwarden, autofill is able to fill both username and password field.

3) My phone is set to German, so 1Password shows me German texts as well. But for some reason, the field names are lower-cased, where the first character should be capitalized. Which is especially weird since when I am editing an entry and adding a custom field, the appearing selectbox shows me a list of first-letter-capitalized field names that are immediately lower-cased when selected and added to the entry.

4) I found some translation errors in the german translation of the autofill overlay triggered via the Accessibility feature, and I suggested a fix in Crowdin ( I read somewhere here in the forum that the project was not to be edited by public after I submitted the change request, so I hope this is ok with you.

Sorry for the huge wall of text, but I am still looking forward to your reply!

Thanks you,

1Password Version: 7.2
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Android 9, Oxygen OS 9.0.8
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • HenryHenry

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    Hi there @Weasle and thank you for the detailed post! I'm glad you're loving 1Password for Android. Now let me address each bit of your feedback one-by-one to make sure I get to it all...

    In Chrome (v.76), the autofill feature is completely absent

    Chrome for Android does not support the Autofill API, unfortunately. You can switch to a browser that does support it—Opera Touch, DuckDuckGo, and Firefox stable/Beta/Nightly/Preview/Focus at the moment—or enable the 1Password Accessibility service to start filling in your browser.

    In DuckDuckGo browser (v.5.32.1), the autofill is triggered, but it won't enter the username when selecting a login.

    I'm seeing this on my end as well—apologies for the trouble there. I'll pass it on to our developers so we can look into fixing it in the future. This shouldn't be an issue with the Accessibility service in browsers like Chrome/Edge/Brave/Opera.

    ref: android-756

    for some reason, the field names are lower-cased, where the first character should be capitalized

    This matches the capitalization in our apps in English, actually! Yes, it's supposed to be in title case when you're choosing a field type and then all-lowercase when it's a field label in your item.

    I found some translation errors in the german translation of the autofill overlay triggered via the Accessibility feature, and I suggested a fix in Crowdin

    Thank you for submitting the change in Crowdin. We appreciate all the help from volunteers there—if you'd like to, feel free to continue submitting translations there. It's meant to be publicly edited :)

    Hope that all helps and please let me know if you have any follow-up questions or feedback.

  • Hi @Henry , thank you very much for your insights, you are fast :) Hopefully Google manages to fix the Chrome autofill issue soon... Do you know of any ticket in an issue tracker on Google's side that I can subscribe to, to keep track of things?
    Same question for autofill of usernames on your side (as currently this would be my main concern when using 1Password on Android): Is there a bug tracker I can subscribe to?

    As for the lowercase part: Currently the state of the 1Password item screen is a little messy: "Tags" is in uppercase, as well as the action button like "Website hinzufügen", "Neuen Abschnitt hinzufügen" etc. Is this a transition phase where in the end the design will be consistent? Or is this an issue with the German language version? If so, is there a way to switch to English (which I would not mind at all)? Sorry to dwell on this so much, but for me it's those details that let me really like an app or slightly annoy me every time I see them :)

    Thank you again!

  • HenryHenry

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    You're welcome @Weasle, glad I could help! I don't know of a public issue on Google's end for adding Autofill API support to Chrome, but I'll keep you updated if there are developments on that front. Any added support for browsers would appear in our Android app's changelog too!

    I've tested the issue with the usernames not being filled further and filed an issue for our developers. It looks like Firefox proper is doing a bit better here than DuckDuckGo at the moment. Hopefully this can be improved, though we don't have an issue tracker (beyond our detailed changelog) that you can subscribe to.

    On the lowercasing: that all matches the English version, and is intentional. Only the field titles themselves are lowercased by default, since that's how 1Password has been doing it for years. Buttons and other UI elements all start with capital letters, following Material Design standards. 1Password for Android used to be an outlier in having those field titles title case by default, but this was changed to match our cross-platform spec a while back (it was a little weird having fields capitalized differently depending on which app they came from).

    Hope that all makes sense and thank you for all the feedback here. Let me know if I can help more anytime :)

  • WeasleWeasle
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    Hi @Henry, ok I'll watch your Android changelog closely, then.

    As for the username autofill: I have the same issue with DuckDuckGo as with Opera Touch (even for the login screen of the 1Password forum, of all things ;) ). You are right, though: Firefox does behave more nicely. Unfortunately, the browser itself does have too many other quirks to act as a viable replacement for me. So I keep my fingers crossed for you guys to find a solution for one of the other supported browsers.

    Not sure if this might help hunt down the issue, but let me provide this screenshot I took after autofilling in Opera Touch: The username is present, but placed at the URL position.

  • HenryHenry

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    @Weasle I saw that in Opera Touch as well—we were so close! :p

    Thanks again for following up with all the detail, and I've made sure our developers are aware of this as well.

  • Has there been any fix for the issue in duckduckgo? I was trying to log into Reddit on my Android phone and the username wasn't autofilling.

  • andiAGandiAG

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    Hi @stmarsh thanks for asking, there's no updates to share currently regarding DuckDuckGo, but I've made some more notes for our development team.

    We'll be sure to update this thread when we've got some more to share :)

    ref: android/onepassword-android#48

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