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Is it possible to add 1Password and 1Password X to Windows Store for new Chromium based Microsoft Edge? I see other password managers are already there.

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  • +1 - I have same question. 1Password X should be available and maintained in this store too. . When it will be available?

  • In time I wouldn't be surprised if 1Password X is made available in the store for the newer Chromium based Edge but I don't have a timeframe to offer I'm afraid. For now I believe 1Password X is still installable from the Chrome store given the parentage of the new Edge.

  • I installed 1Password X from the Chrome Web Store into Edge Dev and haven't had any browser-specific issues in the past few weeks, so there don't seem to be any compatibility issues. It would be great to get it added to the official add-ons site, though.

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    Hey @USMA56795! That's right. You'll be able to use 1Password X in the new Chromium Edge with no problems as long as it's installed from the Chrome Web Store. I'm glad to hear it's working well for you. :)

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