Getting multiple prices for a 1password subscription for Canada

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I am in Canada and trying to subscibe to 1password, but am unable to get the "Canadian Pricing".

On the website it says $3.75 CAD a month for annual.
When I try to subscribe throught the app it is $5.49 (unclear whether this is CAD or USD) a month.
When I log into the website, it says $2.99 + 13% HST (again unclear whether this is CAD or USD)... which works out to $3.38 so I am assuming USD... but then this comes to about $4.50 CAD.

Just want to continue using 1password (I have been a user since version 4 at least, paying for each new version), but am finding this frustrating.

On the website...

but on the app itself...

and when I try to subscribe through the website instead...

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  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member

    Hi @rarararar! Welcome to the forum!

    Have you created your 1Password account on or Because it sounds like you would like to be billed in CAD, but you created your account on instead, where billing is in USD.

    Once you login to your account, what URL do you see in the URL bar? Is the domain or

  • I am logging in to, but once I'm logged in I am in There is no option to change my location.
    My desktop app is installed from the Apple Canadian App store with a Canadian Apple account. I assume the $5.49 price I am given within the app is in CAD because this is higher than US pricing...

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @rarararar: Indeed, if you're paying in Canadian dollars, that will be a higher number due to currency rates, and VAT will be included when you setup billing, as that's standard for the whole country.

    To clarify, 1Password doesn't know or care about "location" because we don't track you through our website. In order to determine what you're billed as far taxes, it's based on the billing address you provide when paying, either for the credit card information you enter if subscribing directly through our website (and you'll be charged in the currency of the server you're using, as Ana pointed out); or through your payment info registered with 3rd party app stores from Apple and Google (where you will be charged in the regional currency based on how you set things up). Your second screenshot seems to be before you have provided your payment information, so tax won't be included there yet, as you haven't provided that information.

    Also, the,, and servers are all completely separate. You will not be able to login to one with an account you've created on another. If you have a account, you will need to sign into to use it. What is the sign in address shown on your Emergency Kit?

  • Hi Brenty, I am aware of how currency exchange rates and taxes work, and that payment will go through either a 1password website or the 3rd party app store. That is essentially my original question and why I am asking for a solution on this forum.
    The second screenshot is ambiguous as to whether tax has been applied, or what currency it is. With or without tax, the amount doesn't match up with the $3.75 Canadian rate which is why I inquired on this forum. I understand that it is because it is charging from the American server.

    To clarify, the question was... I have received three different prices on a product that I am literally trying to buy. I just want to know how to pay for the rate as advertised prominently on the (Canadian) website. Your response doesn't really help solve this.

    I've figured it out on my own through some other website forums so don't worry about continuing with this.

    Suggestion in case anyone else asks though, just tell them to make a new account on the, copy all their items from their vault to the new Canadian vault, and remove the US vault, and then subscribe from the Canadian server for the Canadian price as advertised. No need to explain currency or taxes.

  • brentybrenty

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    @rarararar: Ana covered that already, but yes, in order to be billed directly in Canadian dollars, you'd need to sign up for an account at the website.

    I'm sorry if I wasn't giving the answer you were looking for, not knowing the question you had in mind. It's hard to know without additional context which only you have, but the second screenshot appeared to be for billing through the App Store, which would include tax, because the it knows where you live (or, at least, where your payment info is billed to). The ambiguity is because I don't have all the information you do: where you're seeing this exactly, where you downloaded 1Password, what type of account you've set it up with, etc. So, given that I'm kind of flying blind here, I'm just trying to give you a sense of how it works.

    I can say definitively that if you sign up for an account at the website and setup billing there, you will be charged in Canadian dollars, and that should include appropriate taxes based on the billing address you provide. If you find that is not the case, please shoot us an email at [email protected] with the details so we can look into it. We can't discuss specific account and payment information here on a public forum.

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