how to change/eliminate command-shift-x command?


I often need to use the keycommand 'command-shift-x' to format type in Google Docs. The command is also used by 1Password, it brings up the 1Password window, and prevents me from using the command in Google Docs. I want to disable or change the key-command for 1Password, but can't find that particular command in any of the usual places for changing key-commands (not in the 1Password key-command section, not in the Mac prefs key command area -- unless it's in one of them and i'm missing it.) Any help?


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    Hi @supineny! Welcome to the forum!

    From what you wrote, I assume that you are using the 1Password X browser extension, so you will have to change the keyboard shortcut from the extension settings, not from the Mac app. I have also moved this discussion to the 1Password X forum category so it's in the right place :)

    To change the keyboard shortcut, please click on 1Password X in your browser > click on the Settings icon and you will be able to change the shortcut in the General > Open with keyboard shortcut section:

    I hope this helps!

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