How about adding AllBookmarks to your Forums Page? If it is there it is not showing up in Safari


  • Hello all -
    I have AllBookmarks 4.0.1 on a MBP with Snow Leopard and about half of the bookmarks in a folder on my bookmarks bar are not appearing. I have refreshed several times without success. Any ideas??
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    Development of AllBookmarks ceased over a year ago. We have considered bringing him back in the future, unfortunately I have nothing new to report at this time. We don't normally pre-announce products or features (even "returning" ones). Please keep an eye on our blog for news and updates. All I can say for now is that AllBookmarks is on an indefinite vacation. He has not even purchased a return ticket yet. :)

    I'm sorry I don't have a better answer, but we have been focusing our resources on 1Password and have not have time to work on a free app on the side as well.

    The 1Password browser extensions are pretty powerful and can do pretty much everything AllBookmarks could and more. It was a great little free app, but we just didn't have the time to maintain it.

    For now, consider using the Option-Command-\ keyboard shortcut in your browser to open the 1Password extension, from there you can just start typing to search, use the arrow keys if you need to, and press Return to go to a site.

    I hope that helps. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with.
  • Hello Khad,

    On your last note in your post about the keyboard shortcut with the extension I have a remark: In chrome you cannot just start typing after the keyboard shortcut. The focus is still in the address bar! So if you start typing directly after hitting the shortcut you are adding text to the special "1pasword chrome empty tab helper url":

    You have to bring the focus to the extension first (with a mouse) before you can type and select a site with return. Are you aware of that. I hope that can be fixed in a future release ;-)

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    You are correct. In Chrome, Google has coded it in such a way that the focus cannot be taken away from the omnibox if that is where the focus is. Unfortunately, that is exactly where the focus is when opening a new tab, so that means that if you open a new tab and invoke the 1Password extension popup via the Option-Command-\ keyboard shortcut you will need to manually place the focus into the extension.

    There are two simple ways around this:

    1. Invoke the 1Password extension popup from the current tab you have already been using as the focus will presumably be in the content area, so the extension will be able to take focus from there.

    2. Type "1p" into the omnibox followed by a space or tab and begin typing to search. You can do this right from the omnibox. It does not require opening the 1Password extension popup.

    I hope that helps until Google ever allows the focus to be taken away from the omnibox in Chrome.

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