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Hi there, I was reading up recently about IOS 13, and the Sign In With Apple, and then whilst listening to the 1 Password podcast noted the conversation about the very same thing and how cool it is, which it really does seem to be.

My question however is does this make 1 Password redundant? Obviously not 100% as you can still store many other items, and there is no way to convert existing internet accounts over to 'Sign In With Apple'
But as far as signing up to new accounts (etc) what would be the reasoning to go with one of the other?

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  • and there is no way to convert existing internet accounts over to 'Sign In With Apple'

    Seems like that is actually possible:

    Although Sign In with Apple is mainly beneficial for new users who don’t yet have an account for a given app or service, with the system Apple has built, developers have the option of letting existing users convert their accounts to Sign In with Apple for its convenience and security benefits.

    Source: MacStories

  • @XIII I have read conflicting stories on this feature, however MacStories do tend to be on the money!
    I suppose that enhances my question further, I personally feel 1Password is more secure and user friendly, as their sole focus is Password Management. Perhaps this Sign in with Apple is more something that enables further integration (as it works with IOS Keychain) Instead of something that could make a password manager 'redundant' so to speak.

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    Hi @Zaka_7

    (I have to admit to having not had a chance yet to listen to the latest episode of Random but Memorable so apologies if I'm repeating anything that was said there)

    While I'm sure Sign In With Apple will have some unique and interesting features, this isn't a new concept. Facebook, Google, and Amazon have offered similar "Single Sign-on" (SSO) things for quite some time. I'd say a few of the advantages of 1Password over SSO in general are:

    1. Privacy. Granted, Apple seems to be interested in doing better than existing offerings in this regard. But there isn't a good track record for the use of SSO technology in a privacy conscious manner.
    2. Less / no need to have an account with the companies that offer these services. For example, if you use Facebook to sign up for a bunch of services, decide you're no longer enamored with Facebook's business model and want to delete your account, you're in a bit of a stickier position than had you not used their SSO. With 1Password you can export your data to another password manager if you decide to. That isn't possible with these SSO services.
    3. SSO isn't available everywhere (in fact it is not available more than it is available). Apple offering it may cause some sites that didn't offer it previously to add it, but as mentioned above there are already big names in this space such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon. For most sites, if they didn't have it already, I don't imagine they're going to add it now.
    4. Even if you do go all-in with SSO and use it everywhere it is available you still need to use strong unique passwords for your SSO accounts!

    I look at this in a similar vein as the question of whether to use iCloud Keychain vs 1Password, or Chrome/Firefox's built-in password manager vs 1Password. There will be some folks the former is adequate for, and some folks who want more than what can be achieved with those solutions. :) Which category you fall into is something each person needs to evaluate and decide for themselves.


  • Thanks @Ben I have no issue and no desire to change over personally, I just found it very interesting reading, and as some of the guys on 'Episode 20' of Random But Memorable seemed to really rave about it, I wondered if it was due to some sort of integration with 1Password or just the general move toward being more private :)

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    I guess I'll have to make time sooner than later to listen. :) Thanks for bringing it up!


  • I like the privacy that Apple is adding with the random email addresses.

    When using 1Password I still have to reveal my real email address (or go through the hassle of manually creating a throwaway address/alias/...)

  • Hinting for a pretty cool feature there @XIII ;-)

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    I like the privacy that Apple is adding with the random email addresses.

    That is indeed a cool feature. :)


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