1Password for FF/Windows doesn't save Agile Forums right

Hi I am a new member, and I noticed that when 1Password for windows saves this forum creds, it saves the email address not the username... I figured it would work out of the box on their own forum website.

I just had to change the username from my email to username and it works... just baffled that I had to do that.


  • Hi, kylex.
    I had the same occur, just changed the fields around and its fine.

    The most important thing was that all the fields were captured and at least you could change them to suit.

    Guaranteed there will be others sites where the order may differ slightly as well.
    Remember most of the logins were originally setup for a human to look at, so we read before we enter the actual data. With an automatic system expecting things to be in a certain this could always occur if the layout differs.

  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    I'm not able to reproduce any trouble when saving a Login on these forums. Are you saving a Login on the login page or on the registration page? 1Password is designed to fill exactly what was saved, so if you save a Login on one page (the registration page) and try to fill it on another page (the login page) you may have unexpected results.

    Try saving a new Login item on the login page for these forums:


    Do you have the problem in the new Login item?
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