Display of password strength in password X

Hello everybody,

have a question: would it be possible that one shows the password strength - as in the Safari also under password X - also in the same place or I overlooked a setting?

Thanks for the answer.

Greetings from Gruber Johann

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  • kaitlynkaitlyn

    Team Member

    Hey @Johann_Gruber! Are you referring to the password strength meter in 1Password for Mac/1Password for Windows?

    As in where it says Fantastic in the above screenshot? I don't believe the same strength meter is shown anywhere in Safari, unless you're using Safari Keychain instead of 1Password.

    Let me know if that's what it is that you're referring to. I'm happy to treat this as a feature request, but I wanted to make sure I understood it correctly first. :)

  • Hey Kaitlyn,
    yes thank you, that's what I mean on the Mac. I miss this ad like fantastic, very good, etc on Chrome X.

    Would be nice if this ad could be feasible there as well!

    Greetings from Gruber Johann.

  • kaitlynkaitlyn

    Team Member

    @Johann_Gruber – I understand what you're saying now. Thank you for clarifying for me. :)

    I went ahead and passed along the request so my team can discuss it. It's nice to know this is a feature you'd be happy with!

    ref: xplatform/xplatform#60

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