Problems with Android 10 on Pixel phone

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I just installed android 10 on my Pixel 2 and am having problems with the app. When I am prompted to sign into an app or site the 1password logo pops up but I can no longer use my fingerprint to unlock and when I enter my master password it won't fill in the fields. Also copy and paste from the app wont work so I have to manually enter in the password. Anyone else having this issue?

1Password Version: 7.2
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: android 10
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • I have a Pixel 3 and have a different problem on android 10.

    clean install, when I try to open a Local File as my vault, I get a crash:
    java.lang.NullPointerException in method doInBackground line 57 (Attempt to get length of null array)

    I have granted storage permissions.

    I was able to get into the app by restoring from a months-old TitaniumBackup (requires root), but I get sync errors when I then try and sync with the latest file in storage. So maybe an API change relating to addressing storage?

    But I don't have your problems. Fingerprint works, autofill works (after setting the right options to enable it) and copy works.

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    I have a Pixel 2 XL on Android 10 and am having a similar issue to OP. When I went to security settings, I turned off fingerprint unlock then turned it back on and got the following error: "Fingerprint Unlock could not be enabled because an error occurred: Keystore operation failed".

    I'm running version 7.3.BETA-6
    EDIT: I downgraded to 7.2 and am getting the same error when trying to enable fingerprint unlock

  • Update to my pervious post: I removed then re-added all of my fingerprints in Pixel Imprint and I was able to turn Fingerprint Unlock on again. When using my bank app it told me that my fingerprint settings had change so I needed to re-sign in, and that gave me the idea to remove and re-add my fingerprints. I don't know why it worked, but it did.

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    Hi @dbrogi and @divemaster90. Unfortunately there seems to be an issue in Android 10 that causes the error you're seeing with Fingerprint Unlock. Please follow these steps to resolve the problem:
    1. Go to your device settings.
    2. From the Imprint settings screen, delete your saved fingerprints.
    3. Reboot your device.
    4. Re-enroll your fingerprints.
    5. Enable Fingerprint Unlock in 1Password.

    That should do the trick. Let us know how it goes.

    @RogerD It sounds like you're experiencing a bug that was fixed in 7.3, which is currently rolling out to users in stages via Google Play. If you can't see the update yet then it should become available within the next few days. If you need the fix immediately then you'd be welcome to join our beta program.

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    FWIW I had the problem where fingerprints stopped working and the " Keystore operation failed" message. I removed fingerprints, restarted and added them back but had to restart a second time before that fixed the problem in 1P.

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    Thanks for confirming that did the trick, @simonturner!

  • I just stated having the same problem today. I kept being asked to sign into 1password. I went to the settings and disabled the finger print then got the error code when I tried to re-enable it. Fingerprint opens the phone and works for other apps. I guess I will try the solution mentioned above. I am using Android 10 on a Pixel 3XL.

  • I decided to see if there was any update on on Android 10. I had updated a few weeks ago and remember it took a long time to reboot. My phone showed it was using Android 10, but when I did a "check for updates", it showed that I had an available update to Android 10. I did it and now everything is working OK again. I'm not sure what happened. Perhaps somehow the update didn't complete the first time.

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    Thanks for the update -- well, both you and Android, I guess! That is really strange. Glad that did the trick for you though. :)

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