Feature suggestion: "Sign out" button that signs you out of the website you just logged into

As an admin, I'm in and out of sites all day. Each has its own special locations for where it places (or hides) the sign out button. I'd love a way for 1P to detect the site's logout method and just log me out with a keyboard shortcut.

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  • OMG, I would love that, @Michael Paul. If I had a cookie for every time I've had to dig for the mechanism by which I can switch between different accounts for the same site with different purposes. Well, I'd be pretty happy cuz I'd have a lot of cookies. 🍪 Alas, I'm not sure how we'd manage that. A similar challenge is conforming to all of those password rules sites have with the password generator. If this sort of stuff were exposed in a consistent way that 1Password could detect, (I think) it would be a piece of cake, but one look at the internet shows you that there's not much in the way of consistency out there. Most of the time, the only option we have to address this sort of stuff that's going to be different per site is to either implement a set of likely not always reliable rules to try to make this happen or specifically program something individually tailored to each site. The former creates a poor and inconsistent experience of its own while the latter is just flat out far too much work.

    That said, I'll definitely pass your suggestion along to the team. Just because I don't see a way doesn't mean brighter minds won't prevail and it would be super handy. Thanks for taking the time to share your suggestion. :chuffed:

  • Thanks, I knew I wasn't alone there. Instagram is the worst offender I've found: Profile > Settings > Log Out.

    Not sure if there's some list of common methods you could scrape the page for and then if it finds the method, just simulate the button clicks or something. Smarter people than us can figure that out.

  • Smarter people than us can figure that out.

    Exactly, @Michael Paul. 😂 I do enjoy trying to learn about this stuff and definitely have my area of expertise, but I am still grateful I don't have to know everything or I'd probably have run out of brain space long ago. My worst offender? Twitter's official app. I sometimes need to swap accounts there and I always forget where it's buried. In fact, I've already forgotten and couldn't even tell you without digging it up again.

    Thanks again for the suggestion and I hope you have a lovely weekend ahead of you. :chuffed:

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