I want to export a plain text list of current passwords & unsuccessful in applying 1PW directions

Using my Windows 10 p.c. desktop, I tried to follow directions in "How to export data from 1Password" (a 1PW document, using the Windows directions), but failed. Went to 1Password.com using Firefox browser, opened my Personal vault (the only vault). I have over 40 login items, clicked on logins to open that group, with the icons lined up on the left side in a column. As you well know, clicking on any item in the column opens up that particular item in a detailed view to the right of the column. Clicking on either the icon in the left column or the detailed view on the right did not light up that item, and holding down the control key did not result in a collection of multiple items. Ctrl + Alt lit up everything within the vault. Right-clicking did not bring up a choice of Export, and neither right- or left-click resulted in a choice of .csv or .txt format.

1Password Version: 7
Extension Version: no extension used
OS Version: windows 10
Sync Type: no sync done


  • Exporting needs to be done in the desktop apps, @Rick_64 and it sounds like you're attempting to do this from 1Password.com. Instead, open the 1Password 7 desktop app on your PC (not in your browser) and you should find these instructions make more sense there. :+1:

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