iOS Facebook keeps saying “incorrect” password when I generate a 1Password

I try to set up 1Password for iOS Google, Amazon, and Facebook. When I login , I can see the “dots” of a log password from 1Password , but it says incorrect password.

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  • Corey_CCorey_C

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    @patrickgbeatty Open up the proper 1Password app, go to your Facebook entry, tap on the password and tap "reveal". Is that the correct password? 1Password can only fill what you have given it.

  • Where is “my Facebook entry”, and how do I get it there”. I cannot find the share icon anywhere....

  • Corey_CCorey_C

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    @patrickgbeatty On your home screen tap the 1Password button to open the 1Password app. Tap Categories down at the bottom and then "All Items". Facebook should be listed there for you view the password as I mentioned earlier. If it is not the correct password, Tap edit and change the password to the proper one.

    1Password does not have access to your accounts or logins. It can only fill the information you give it. If you give 1Password the wrong information, it will fill the wrong information. If you want to change your password for one 1Password generated, you need to go and change that on the particular site. Take a look:

  • I did as you said: reveal showed one generated by 1Password. I edited it back to the original password. Then I clicked below that, and had 1Password generate a new one.

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    After generating this new password in 1Password, have you updated it in your Facebook account too?

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