missing feature? (fast copy by swiping)

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I have both an iphone and an android device, but the ios app seems to have that feature. On android i simply can't quickly copy a password/id from the item list: i have to tap on a item first, then tap on the password, then tap "copy".
is there any alternative?

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  • Hey, @cakixko 🙂 What you can do here is click the item you want first and then long-press on the password/username/one-time password and quickly copy it to your clipboard.

    It's not as simple as copying directly from long-pressing the login item itself - probably something to add in the future, 1Pass team - but an easy way to copy your information.

  • periperi

    Team Member

    @cakixko Thanks for reaching out. I'll pass your request for a swipe to copy feature on to our development team. ref: android-503 In the meantime, please use @rodcastro's advice to long press on a password to quickly copy it.

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