Please give us the old icon/login screen

edited September 7 in iOS Beta

The new “Light Mode” icon and login screen are way too white (in the Beta with Dark Mode) compared to what they were before (for my taste).

Can we please get back the old icon/login screen? (Maybe as a third option; “Classic”?)

Those looked so much better!


  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    We don't have plans to maintain three different UIs for 1Password going forward, but we'll continue to iterate on the design over time. Personally, I like the contrast between the light-light and the dark-dark. But it's certainly subjective. :)

    edited September 14

    Dark Mode is nice on iOS 13, but I still feel you offer Black & White instead of Dark & Light...

    I hope I get used to the new icon, but currently I feel more like removing 1Password from the first page on my iPhone, because of the icon :cry:

    BTW: I don’t want to offend the designer of this icon, I apparently just like the old icon a lot (more).

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