Any plans for a Linux GUI client?

I'm a huge fan of 1Password and have been a paying member for a while. I've been using Linux more and more and as of right now you guys are holding my data somewhat hostage since I can't export it..because there is no native client.Sure I can spin up a Windows VM and do it that way. But is there a client planned for the future?

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  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @Locate_The_Any_Key: Nothing to announce at this time. I'd like us to do more on Linux someday, but our focus is on 1Password X and the CLI app currently, since those help many more people than just Linux users. :)

    Also, you can pipe the JSON output of the CLI app to a file to export data on Linux if necessary. Hopefully we'll be able to offer more options in the future, but no one is holding your data hostage. ;)

  • @brenty Hey thanks for the reply! How about plans to export vault data with 1Password X? With the CLI app, is it possible to get it CSV formatted rather than JSON?

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @Locate_The_Any_Key: Any time! 1Password X doesn't handle item editing itself either yet, so things like a custom exporter may be better suited to the 1Password web interface. And while the CLI app uses 1Password's native JSON for its data, not CSV (which is pretty anemic, especially for our use), you could absolutely pipe the output through a script to "convert" the JSON to CSV or something else (though that would need to either be lossy to conform to other apps' expectations, or be lossless and not understood by them). I'm trying to think of how any of that would be useful, but you probably have something very specific in mind. :)

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