1p chrome browser cannot connect.

1p chrome browser cannot connect. I have submitted diagnostic report to support+windows at 1password.com and I never got back the automated reply with ticket number.

Firefox works fine so far (although there was some growing pains there (extension was getting grayed out, I had to restart / un/reinstall a couple of times.

WaterFox I got the error (quick toast message) that it will not connect to untrusted source and was auto-grayed out. (will write separate post for this)

1Password Version: 7.3.712
Extension Version:
OS Version: win8.1 x64
Sync Type: 1p.com


  • Hey @4EverMaAT! It looks like Greg's got you handled on the email side, so I'll go ahead and close this post out. Feel free to create another if you have any other issues ever, or reach back out over email. :)

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