Help! I need to restore my backup to an earlier version!

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My wife got a new iphone and we noticed that her 1password only had about 150 passwords (Mine was showing about 300). I was trying to make hers like mine and it did the opposite and now I've lost half my passwords! I can't seem to find where the data is being backed up to (I think it is icloud but when I look there is only backups from 2013. How to I restore my data from my last sync?

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    Welcome to the forum, @DrDaniel! I see you've asked this same question of our email support team. We try to answer support emails as quickly as possible, in the order we receive them. Let's keep the conversation going via email since it will likely involve specific details of you and your wife's 1Password setup(s), which should not be on this public forum. Thanks -- one of us will be with you shortly! :)

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