Elevation-requiring updates shouldn't interrupt the user but instead show an update notification

Occasionally 1Password has an update that requires elevation, which then interrupts whatever I'm doing and asks to be elevated. That prompt also comes up as top window, occasionally stealing window focus or minimizing whatever full-screen application (e.g.: a game) I was currently in. If I say no because I can't right now, the update is retried less than an hour later and this happens again and again.

This also happens if I'm away, leading to me going back to my desk, unlocking my computer and finding either a "please elevate" prompt from 1Password (not UAC) or, more recently, a "you didn't say yes in time, so the update will be rolled-back" message. Due to Windows lockscreen quirks this sometimes becomes a background window, so sometimes I find this out by trying to autofill with 1Password and noticing it doesn't work.

I like automatic updates for software (and even have Windows Update fully enabled!) but every time an admin-requiring update comes along, one or more of the above happens and I end up disabling updates until I have time. Then I get notifications for the update instead, which -- while a bit too frequent sometimes -- is much preferable to just being interrupted like that.

Generally, if an update can't be done automatically due to elevation, it should just act as if the user disabled automatic updates and notify them there is one.

1Password Version: 7.3.712
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Windows 10 1803 (OS Build 17134.1006)
Sync Type: Dropbox + 1Password Teams


  • @Smileybarry sorry for the trouble here, build .712 is the last one that could have needed UAC and we do not anticipate asking for elevation ever again with user installer.

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