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I noticed after looking at 1p7 in task manager that it was using some cpu even when it was idle. it fluctuates between 1 and 5%.
%userprofile%\AppData\Local\1 Password\app\7\1 Password.exe" --setup

I have 4 processors. Any particular reason(s) for this continual usage?

I first noticed this after noticing a surge in CPU usage when loading 1Password X (which is supposed to be a browser-only app.

Side comment: it would be great to just right-click on the notification icon. Also, putting the version # in the 1p mini window and 1p main window would help also. I have to click 4-5 times to get at the version # for your software. I've noticed this for a long time, and finally decided to say something about it. I will eventually create a thread about it when I "have time".

1Password Version: 7.2.731
Extension Version:
OS Version: win8.1 x64
Sync Type: 1p.com


  • 1Password is never totally idle, @4EverMaAT. It's in the background monitoring for changes it needs to sync and ensuring its ready to fill if and when you ask it to. The locked view for 1Password can also use some CPU because it has an animation that uses some resources. With that said, if you close the main 1Password window and aren't using the companion browser extension at all, CPU usage should settle to zero. If it doesn't, let me know.

    1Password X, on the other hand, is unrelated and won't interact in any way with the desktop app on Windows. If you saw an increase in CPU usage when only loading 1Password X, that would be a separate issue in need of expertise beyond my own. Have you seen that repeat at any point? If you're able to reproduce it, let me know how – it's possible freshly loading 1Password X would use a chunk of CPU on my PC as well, but it has never done so to a point where it impacted performance and I noticed for sure so worth looking into if you're still seeing it happen. :+1:

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    @4EverMaAT: You can find the version in a single click here:

    Also, make sure you install the latest version, as you listed yours as 7.2 -- though that may have been a typo:


  • I think you're overcomplicating that process for getting version info a fair bit, @4EverMaAT. It's just two steps for the desktop app or the browser extension. For the app, press Ctrl + Shift + \ then open the Help menu. You'll see Release Notes for <installed_version>. In your browser, right-click the extension icon and select "manage extension" to immediately bring up the page with version info. Even better, report issues using the Contact Support option in the Help menu in the main app and that info will be included for us automatically so you don't need to check at all. I totally appreciate your efforts to include everything you feel we might need. Having more info out the gate always speeds things up, but you definitely don't need to take the long way 'round and we absolutely have tools to make sure we get that info whether you look for it or not in many cases. :chuffed:

  • brentybrenty

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    actually, from a resting state, the user must (from windows desktop) [...]

    @4EverMaAT: That's just silly. To do anything with any app, you need to have it open. Once you have 1Password open, click the "Help" menu. Very quick and painless. :tongue:

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