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It would be nice if instead of having to delete duplicate passwords or manually merging two logins used at slightly different URLs for the same account, we could merge these by selecting the duplicates from the relevant watchtower view, similar to how merging duplicate contacts in gmail works.

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  • That definitely would be rather handy. Merging generally is a common request covering a number of different scenarios, @shadow_1p_user, but it's a tough thing to manage. Consider two Logins that are technically for a single site but with slightly differing domains as you mentioned. If the domain is the only thing that's at all different, perhaps this is an easy task – add the second URL to the other item and remove the extra. But as soon as there's something more that's different, 1Password has to decide what needs to be added to the new record. Maybe one was created prior to the other and has a more extensive password history. The web form details are probably different for each. Maybe you added a note to one item and not the other, but also added a tag to the other item that isn't in the one with the note. We could keep everything and merge it all into one item, or ask you to choose what data is saved where and where it all goes, but in either case we're likely creating some work for you all the same. Plus, what if these are in different vaults, one of which is shared? Is all of that data in the non-shared item okay for that other person to access? Is it okay to take that other person's access to the shared item away? Automating this in a way that is likely to achieve the goal you have in mind is tough, even if that goal is fairly simple.

    I won't say we'll never do this – we might take it on one day. I just want to share why it's a bit more challenging than it may appear at a glance. There is a lot of stuff that we could automated, in theory, and don't because seemingly minor changes to your data may be not so minor and potentially dangerous under the right circumstances and merging is definitely one of those tasks that has the potential to be highly problematic given the right scenario making this a larger project to be sure. Now, with that said, one case where we do intend to automate merging, in a sense, is with Password items. These are created when you generate a password just in case the Login item that password is for doesn't get properly saved or updated. We don't clean up those Password items automatically today, but we will in the future. :chuffed:

    Regardless, I really appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback. I'll be sure to pass it along to the team, but hope this helps you understand why this isn't as simple as choice as it might seem and may not get attention right away.

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