1pass prompt does not appear at login on iphone

1pass prompt does not appear Using safari or chrome on iphone at login on new or 1pass saved sites. Even on sites saved still have to manually enter login. On new sites not prompted to save login info.

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    Hi @kennyb! Welcome to the forum!

    1pass prompt does not appear Using safari or chrome on iphone at login on new or 1pass saved sites.

    I am not sure I understood this sentence. Can you please clarify what you mean by this?

  • I am new to 1password. When I navigate to a site on an IOS device I expect a 1password prompt at the login page. It could then log in using login from the vault or, in the case of a new registration, prompt to generate a password or save a new one. In other words, it appears that unless I access sites via the 1 password app on an IOS device the login has to be done manually. A case in point is this forum site. When registering for the forum on my Ipad I was not prompted from 1 password at any point. I'm now replying on my IMAC and, as expected, was asked by 1password if I wanted to save the login. Basically the manager doesnt seem to interface with browers on IOS.

  • Corey_CCorey_C

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    Hello @kennyb

    1Password does interface with web browsers on iOS, but it does it in a somewhat different manner than on desktop devices due to the differences in capabilities between desktop and mobile browsers as well as the capabilities provided to 3rd party applications. In the case of iOS, 1Password functions in apps and browsers through the iOS AutoFIll interface. Take a look over at https://support.1password.com/ios-autofill/ for more information on how that works.

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