Upgraded to 1Password 7, license doesn't show up


I had purchased 1 password 5 for Mac. With every update, it would automatically add my license (I think I was using 6.3 or something). However, system prompted me to upgrade to 1Password 7, and now my license is Read-only mode. How do I add my license so I can enjoy full features? Alternatively, if it is not possible to use 1 password 5 license with 1 password 7, how do I go back to previous version and keep using 1 password without the latest version.

Hope someone can help me quickly.


1Password Version: 7.3.2
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: OS X 10.14.6
Sync Type: DropBox


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    Welcome to the forum, @vaggarwal! As it sounds like you're beginning to suspect, as a completely new version 1Password 7 for Mac requires either the purchase of a new license for the new version or a 1password.com membership. The latter is our recommendation for many reasons, but the choice is yours.

    If you're a Safari user, the just-released Safari 13 will not work with 1Password 6 for Mac due to changes to the extension format used in the new version. You can still use version 6 with Chrome or Firefox, but we can't recommend reverting to a previous version of 1Password as any kind of long-term strategy for your password management. 1Password 6 for Mac was replaced by version 7 in May of last year (sixteen months ago), and won't be receiving any further development attention, whether that's compatibility updates or new features.

  • Thanks for the reply Lars.

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    @vaggarwal - you're quite welcome. :)

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