Newbie Family Account question. 2 users 1 laptop.

Sorry if this has been answered already a million times.

I have have set up a Family account making me the organizer. I invited my wife, she now has her own master password and is a member of the family.

How do we swap between accounts/logins to use our Private vaults on the same laptop?

If this isn't possible the whole family account thing has no use for us.

I hope this makes sense.

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  • I have the same issue... I cannot find a way to share separate family vaults on the same computer without having a single master vault password, which makes the family plan pointless.

  • brentybrenty

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    @conkanen, @Davisjl: Thanks for getting in touch! If I am understanding correctly, you both have the same fundamental question, which is this:

    How do we swap between accounts/logins to use our Private vaults on the same laptop?

    It sounds like you're trying to do that within 1Password, but that's not a 1Password thing; both macOS and Windows are multiuser operating systems, so that's built in: you can each have your own user account at the OS level, which allows you to have your own 1Password setup there, but also browser, desktop, and other apps and settings:

    Set up users, guests, and groups on Mac (Apple)

    Create a local user or administrator account in Windows 10 (Microsoft)

    That also offers some protection to the rest of the users if one does something like install malware or delete data. :):+1:

  • This seems like an appropriate place to ask a similar question: My wife and I each have three devices: Computer, phone and tablet. We also have three email addresses: one we share, which has by far the most traffic and shared logins, and we also each have an individual email account. So when thinking about setting up 1password, I set up our primary user account using our shared email address, and I've installed apps on every device (mine and hers) using the shared email address and master password as the primary user. That way, my thinking goes, is that we will both have access to all the things we use and share in the "private" vault. Then I thought I'd set up our private email addresses as family member users on each of our devices so that the logins I use on my personal email account are visible to her, and vice versa. Truth is, we have no secrets, and we are both at an age where I need all my logins accessible and visible to her, and she needs the same, irrespective of which email address or user name is used. Is this going to work? Or, can all logins and passwords for all email addresses and user names be stored in the same place? We need the security and functionality of the app, but there is no reason for security between the two of us, And, the simpler this all is, the better.

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    Hi @CandGVernon! Welcome to the forum!

    To make sure I understood your configuration: do you currently have 3 users inside your 1Password account, one for each email address that you have?

  • brentybrenty

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    @CandGVernon: Indeed, if Ana and I are understanding you correctly, I think you may be overcomplicating this. If you're comfortable sharing everything, would an individual membership maybe be a better option for you? Or, is there a specific thing you're trying to achieve by sharing one 1Password account but then also each having another of your own? That would be simpler, if it's sufficient for you.

    The only thing I could think of that might make sense would be if you were both okay sharing all your personal stuff, which isn't abnormal, but that there is non-personal stuff you can't share, like for work. It seems like in that case each of you having your own account under the family membership would be sufficient, and less complicated, but you may have other considerations I'm overlooking. Let me know. :)

  • I think, now that I have used the software a bit and recorded some of our various logins, that perhaps a single user account would have worked for us, as I'm recording all the user names an passwords in the same account. On the other hand, since we have six devices between us, I thought that a single user account might not support this number of devices. In any event, so far I am very happy with the functionality of the app, and I am in the process of getting all our various logins recorded. I like the ability to manage the descriptive labels on each login, and at some point I'm going to address the weak passwords by using the app to generate new ones.

    I appreciate your responses.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @CandGVernon

    Please let us know if there is anything we can help with. :+1:


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