Is there a way to print a simple list of my login items? (without the passwords).

I don't have every single account I have in 1Password, deliberately. I am almost 70 years old, though, and I forget what I've put into 1Password and what I haven't (except for the obvious, logical things to keep there, of course).
I'd like to be able to print out a list (or save to a .pdf) of my logins without their passwords, just so it's easy to tell what's in and what isn't. Is there a simple way to do it other than screen printing/capture?

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  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @KarenT

    We do not have such a feature in 1Password. As most of the world has moved or is moving toward paperless workflows we're not currently considering the addition of printing related features. Would you mind sharing what sort of accounts are you deliberately not storing in 1Password, and why? Also, I'm unclear what a printed list of logins would do for you that the digital list of logins within the 1Password software does not? Wouldn't looking at the list within 1Password achieve the same thing as looking at such a printout?

    Please let me know.


  • The .pdf or printed document wouldn't require me to log in with my master password each time, and that's the advantage to me personally.
    The accounts I'm not storing are things like my library account or newspaper/magazine subscriptions, in which the passwords are relatively simple and wouldn't be worth typing in my master password each time. Plus, I have a few other passwords associated with my TV that don't have any means of communicating with 1Password.
    I close my browser in between a lot of my activities to discourage any "followers on", so as it is, I have to enter my master password fairly often and don't really want to do it even more.

  • brentybrenty

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    @KarenT: You almost certainly won't have to the your Master Password every time. And you can customize your security settings in 1Password to change the time frame and circumstances in which you do need to.

    I totally get that we'll have accounts which are not terribly sensitive, and perhaps do not require the security 1Password provides. But there's no harm in being more secure than necessary. And you bring up another good reason to just keep everything in 1Password: not having to keep track of where everything is. It's flexible, after all -- especially Secure Notes. I keep plenty of "unimportant" stuff in 1Password along with the important things because then I always know where to look for it. ;)

  • Well, maybe it will be less unwieldy over time.
    Is there any plan to incorporate it with Apple TV? Right now a lot of my passwords are for TV apps.

    Come to think of it, it's really going to get obnoxious now that I put my Comcast password into it, because so many TV apps require me to re-login periodically with my internet and/or cable provider. :( Oh, God.

  • Actually, I realized after I sent that last that when I have to log back into a TV app, they always require me to go out to a website to do it. Whew. Sorry for all the drama. I'm old and easily confused. ;)

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    We'd love to do more with Apple TV if Apple offers further integration to app developers in the future. Right now it is possible to fill passwords from 1Password using Apple's Password AutoFill feature if using an iOS device as a remote for your Apple TV. We have a guide on using Password AutoFill with 1Password here:

    Use 1Password to fill and save on your iPhone and iPad

    We don't have a guide specifically on Apple TV, but I found this article over at MacRumors that explains it:

    How to Use Password AutoFill on Apple TV and tvOS 12 - MacRumors

    Does that help? Please let me know.


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