Biometric sign-in via other local devices on one's account?

Ever since 1Password started supporting biometric logins (TouchID, FaceID), I've been wishing I could have the same with my computer.

I just had an epiphany that could possibly address this: login authorization via other authenticated devices!

This came to me due to my experience with Apple TV. When one brings up the authentication for setting up the Apple TV, or connecting to a subscription in Apple TV, it brings up a prompt asking if you want to authorize it via the information or account already on your iPhone. If you answer yes, it somehow (Bluetooth, WiFi, internet?) reads the info from your iPhone and automatically signs in to the account or otherwise populates the settings from your iPhone. It's just awesome!

So I'm wondering, just like the various software components of 1Password on my computer talk to each other (1P app, 1P mini, 1P browser plug-in) so that if one signs in on any one of them, you're signed in on all of your local apps, could we have an infrastructure that when one signs in on any device, e.g., computer, phone, tablet, you would find yourself signed in on all local devices! I would love to be on my computer looking to enter 1Password and simply have to tap 1P on my phone, look at the screen to be signed in via FaceID, and voilà... 1P on my computer unlocks as well! Oh happy day!!!😃🎉😎

1Password is an awesome product, you guys are geniuses, and you're committed to doing the coolest things with 1P, so how about it!🤔

  • Tony

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  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    @TonyDennis - thanks for the idea! I too dream of an ever-expanded digital future where things are easier and more connected. However, in this case, there's no secure way to accomplish what you're asking for. Apple has some internal APIs that allow you to do things like unlock your Mac with your watch, but they're not available to 3rd party developers like us, and without them (plus the Secure Enclave), we can't manage this without storing secrets on disk somewhere, which is about the last thing you want us doing. We've always got our ear to the ground for changes in the landscape, whether from Apple or other developers, that might affect our ability to accomplish things we previously couldn't, but for now, there's just no secure way to accomplish what you're asking. Wish I had news that might be more to your liking, but as of now we just don't. Thanks again for the suggestion, however -- maybe sometime in the future. :)

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