What is the value of the "Passwords" category showing in the mini? How do I make it go away?

As I understand it, the "Passwords" category is the collection of all passwords I have created using the Generate Password feature.

Because I have hundreds of Logins, and change passwords regularly using Generate Password, I have many, many items in the Passwords category. When I want to use the mini app, these appear as suggestions. This means searching then scrolling to get past them and find the Login I need. I can set preferences to show suggestions or all items at startup. But not Logins, which would exclude Passwords.

I don't see the value of the Passwords category, and/or the value of showing them as suggestions. Almost all are old passwords that have been replaced.

How can I (in order of preference):

  1. Not show the Passwords category in the mini
  2. Automatically remove previous items in the Password category when I generate new passwords
  3. Not save generated passwords in the Passwords category

I'd love any suggestions you have for managing items in the Password category. Maybe I don't see the value of it because I dont understand what problem this feature solves. My view on it right now is that the items in the category just clog up searches.

Hoping you can enlighten me! Thanks.

1Password Version: 1Password 7 Version 7.3.2 (70302003) Mac App Store
Extension Version:
OS Version: 10.14.6
Sync Type: subscription


  • YaronYaron

    Team Member

    Hey @pinecone ,
    That is an excellent question, which I will be happy to answer.

    The passwords you generate in 1Password's generator are automatically saved as a "Password" item as a failsafe. Sometimes users generate a password, use it on a new website but accidentally (or unknowingly) don't save it as a new login, which causes them to lose the password and not be able to log into their account. This failsafe prevents it.

    Further more, showing these passwords in the 1Password Mini when autofilling also help users who didn't save it as a login to actually see and be able to log into the website even if they didn't save a login, which is very helpful until they realize the error and make a new login for it manually. All of this comes from years of experience with such issues and cases, and it is more helpful than you might think :)

    I personally clean up the passwords category every once in a while using one of two ways:
    1. Open the app, go to the passwords category, select them all and send them to the trash.
    2. Open the app, click the "Help" menu on the Mac's menu bar and select "Tools" -> "Remove redundant generated passwords".

    There's absolutely no need for you to keep these password items in your app, so feel free to delete them if you are 100% sure they are all accounted for in actual login items.

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