The 1Password 7 app has me locked out of everything now

tl;dr because of an account recovery I have a new key but the 1Password 7 app on macOS won't let me change it. I can change it on the iPad so I would think you could do the same on macOS. So the question is. How do I get the 1Password 7 app on my iMac to use the new Secret Key?

Details below

I recently went thru the upgrade from 1Password 6 to 1Password 7 as an invited family member.
1. I chose to move my then current 1Password iCloud synced vault to
2. I chose a different 1Password master password than the one I used to open my 1Password 6 vault.
3. I stored that master password in 1Password and, like I do with all my passwords, forgot it.
4. I logged into 1Password (don't remember which device) using the old 1password 6 password. It showed duplicate entries for everything. Apparently it was showing me both the old iCloud password and the passwords. I went into settings and set the vault to the vault (I think) and saw that there's only one entry for everything so that seemed to work.
5. I tried to login using the 1Password 7 app on macOS but it wouldn't allow me to use the old 1Password 6 vault password. I thought it was because it needed the new Master Password so I went thru the recovery process to get a new Master Password and key, Copy/pasting into an Apple Notes app note.
6. I can now log into the account using this new Master Password and I can see my vault with all the entries.
7. I still cannot login using the 1Password 7 app. I have tried using the old 1Password 6 password and the new Master password that works for gettin me into
8. I cannot modify any preferences in the 1Password 7 app, such as deleting my 1Password 7 account, or changing the key. I have deleted and re-installed the app but that hasn't helped.
9. I used the latest 1Password app on my iPad and it wanted me to enter my Master Password. I must have used the iPad in #4 and migrated the iPad over to using the new account. Here's a major clue I think: the iPad would not take my Master Password which made me realize it was still using the old Secret Key. I reset the key to use the key I received when I went thru the Account Recovery and I could now login. This is the problem with 1Password 7 app on macOS. It's still stuck on the old key. This is where #8 comes in. I can't change it, it's greyed out.

Note The iMac is on Catalina. The iPad and iPhone are on 13.1.2. The iPad has migrated to the new 1Password account data

1Password Version: 7.3.2
Extension Version: 7.3.2
OS Version: macOS 10.15
Sync Type: iCloud and


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