How do I revert to version 6

How do I revert to version 6

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  • Downloaded V7, but want to revert to 6

  • (V6 is still available on the machine)

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Hi @WilddogNow

    If you'd like to revert to v6 instructions can be found here, but that should be considered a temporary measure. We can't recommend using an older version. 1Password 6 has been retired and is no longer being updated. As a security focused company we'd always recommend running the latest versions of all of your software, but especially your operating system, web browser(s), and 1Password. If you opt to use an earlier version that is your prerogative, but it isn't something we can recommend. That said, licenses never expire, and so you can continue using any version you've licensed for as long as it works for you. As things continue to evolve around the now retired v6 it will be less and less practical to continue using it.


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