Cannot delete tags?

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Trying to clean up the vault a bit. Have a tag assigned to a dozen or so logins that I want to remove that tag all together. I highlight the tag in the sidebar, right click and "delete"... it disappears but a minute later it's back???

Interesting.. pulled up the tag section on the iOS app... swipe left to delete that tag "Remove from items" and watching the Mac app, they all disappear. Then... I have an Amazon login that pops up with the option to setup 2FA in the app, I choose "don/t save in 1 Password" and immediately that tag comes back.. Seems to happen for any login I select that has a 2FA option, once I say "don't save" the tag returns.

The tag happens to be 2FA, I moved to an external 2FA app and want to remove that tag from my 1PW entries.

Side note: Anyway to eliminate the app asking for 2FA over and over as it is today?

1Password Version: 1Password 7 Version 7.4.BETA
Extension Version: 7.4 Beta 0
OS Version: OS X 10.15.1 Beta (19B77a)
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • igeneoigeneo Junior Member
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    The problem is really simple to recreate...

    The tag is not in the sidebar at the moment. If I go to any login that offers 2FA and the prompt at the top appears, once I decline that prompt, the tag is added back to that item, and the sidebar shows that tag group again.

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    Hi @igeneo ,

    The tag is applied when you decline the prompt so it knows not to prompt you again. The app needs a way to know in a way that is easily syncable and readable across all platforms. We're looking at a better way to do this in the future, but for now, that tag will return if you decline a 2FA prompt.


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