1Password when closing site i visited - not loging off

As I am a newbe to 1password, I have 1 question. (Hope this is the right place.)
Am using Firefox 15 and all working ok.
The question I require is that when i exit a site I had to logon to and go back later on without closing Firefox i don't have to re-logon. (It is still loged-on.)
Is there a setting I have missed to auto logoff when exiting a logon site.


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    Welcome to the forums, Laurie! Since every site is different, there isn't really a universal way for 1Password to log you out of sites. 1Password will only log you into sites. Some sites will expire your session more quickly than others. Some sites will give you the option to "stay logged in" or "remember me." It really just depends on the site.

    Let me know if you still have questions. If you're wondering about a specific site, perhaps I can provide better assistance if you tell me which site.

  • Thanks for your reply, totally understand now.
    Was'nt really a major problem.
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    I'm glad I could help. If you ever have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask. :)

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