Autofill not triggering: Accessibility setting keeps breaking

Autofill that depends on accessibility feature breaks periodically and constantly. If I go to accessibility settings there's a message about "this service is not working correctly", and I need to deactivate it and then activate it again to work.
Phone: OnePlus 6t with Android 9


  • periperi

    Team Member

    Hi @german640. Many devices have built in settings that aggressively shut down background processes, and OnePlus is among the most aggressive. Please go to System Settings > Apps > Settings > Special Access and turn off Battery Optimization. This should help. However, keep in mind that the device may turn this back on automatically. To work around this, launch 1Password and tap the phone's recent app button. Toggle the Lock button on the upper right corner of the app. This should stop the app being killed in background and the Battery optimization setting getting turned back on.

    Let us know if that helps!

  • Thank you, I have not seen again the "malfunctioning" message in accessibility settings. There are still sometimes when autofill is not triggering, but at least it works again later on its own, it may have a different cause. I use Brave as my default browser.

  • andiAGandiAG

    Team Member

    Thanks for the update @german640, if you're noticing that Autofill regularly isn't coming up on certain sites, we'd love to know which ones these are so that we can investigate. :)

  • I found a site where autofill is not coming up consistently on Brave browser, on Chrome only the username field doesn't trigger autofill but password field does. Other sites seem to be working fine:

  • andiAGandiAG

    Team Member

    @german640 I'm also having trouble with that page, though I haven't yet been able to get any browsers to fill the username field. I'll mention this to the development team and for now I'd recommend dragging and dropping your login data from 1Password into Brave for that site: here's how:

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