"ainfo" blank for items created by CLI

Items created using the application have several properties in their overview:

  "overview": {
      "URLs": [
          "l": "",
          "u": ""
      "ainfo": "Administrator",
      "ps": 84,
      "tags": [
      "title": "My Computer",
      "url": ""

However, items created with the op CLI have only three, and one of them is blank:

  "overview": {
    "ainfo": "",
    "tags": [
    "title": "My Computer"

Is there a way to populate the "ainfo" for such items? This value seems to match the second line that appears under the item title in the UI, and it's a helpful piece of information to have in the output of op list items to assist with scripting.

1Password Version: 0.7.1
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Windows 10 build 18362
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • felix_1pfelix_1p

    Team Member

    @wjrogers: We are aware of the issue and unfortunately there is no way to set that value from the CLI atm. If anything we would probably populate it automatically just like the other apps are doing it.

    Your remark about it being useful for scripting is interesting though, since we are currently re-evaluating which information we want to output in the list views. If you are OK with sharing it here, I'd be curious to learn more about how you are currently using that information (or plan to use it)?

  • I'm scripting migration of credentials from a database to 1Password. To prevent creation of duplicates, my script matches logins from the database to items in 1Password. Without knowing what the username is (currently only exposed via "ainfo"), my script can't tell the difference between different logins for the same system, and -- depending on the title -- it may not be able to identify matching logins at all. The title is arbitrary text; it's the username (and possibly URL) that really uniquely identify a login. Without this information in the "list" output, it's really hard to do anything with it.

    (Off topic, but while I have an opportunity to give feedback, the lack of an update -- or at least tag existing -- command really limits the use cases for the op CLI.)

  • cohixcohix

    Team Member

    @wjrogers I hear you for sure. We're going to work on a better solution here.

    As for updating items, that's something we're working on designing, and when we have a solution we're happy with then we'll build it as fast as we can :)

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