1password 7 tries to open old vault

Hey,I’ve installed 1password 7 on a Mac where I once had an old version of 1password installed . When I open the app it asks for the password for an old vault I once had. I’d like to delete the old vault and sync with the new account I opened .


  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    @alexxv - yep! Got you covered: with 1Password open, click Help > Troubleshooting > Reset all 1Password data. Be aware: this will do what it says, so if there was ANY data in that old vault you think you might need but not have recorded elsewhere, get it out before you do this. 1Password will delete all data, then quit. Re-open it from your Applications folder, and it will be as if you are a brand-new user. Sign into your shiny new 1Password account, and you should be all set! :)

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