Feature Request: OTP List View


There are cases when an OTP list view is the most convenient way to find and copy OTP codes i.e. scanning from a short list like in other authenticator apps vs searching in 1P and scrolling down to the OTP field. There a lot less user interactions necessary.

I know in most cases the auto-copy of OTP codes could be the most convenient solution that already exists, but I personally don't have it enabled as I think overwriting my clipboard on mobile is obtrusive with the lack of clipboard history (maybe others feel the same way, too). Having a separate view listing OTP-enabled items with the code visible + quick way to copy the code would be very welcome IMO.

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  • andiAGandiAG

    Team Member

    Hi @bezhermoso, thanks for the suggestion :)

    Which version of 1Password are you currently using? With version 7.3 came the ability to use Autofill to fill your one-time passwords, meaning that they don't need to be copied to the clipboard anymore. Hopefully this will mean you need to open the 1Password app less frequently for these codes in the first place.

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