can't sync ipad with imac (using dropbox)

I have new 2nd gen. ipad that I am unable to sync my 1P data on it. I have an imac running snow leopard and a 3Gs iphone (both have 1P and dropbox and have been working well with one another). I have an icloud account for iphone. I've rebooted all 3 devices, reset the data (step before coming here), and bought both the 1P for ipad and then 1P pro (both are on the ipad...neither I need to remove one of them?). I have 89% of dropbox data in use and "all files are up to date". "Pause syncing" is active in dropbox dropdown menu. I've done the iphone walkthrough video and ipad walkthrough video. Only thing I haven't done is "create a new data file on the welcome page for ipad" because I don't get a welcome page. When I sign in I get a blank page of logins (accounts, identities, etc. are all blank also). I have launched 1P on computer and clicked on "move to dropbox" but I don't see how to create a new (empty)data file as instructed on "how to sync your iphone and ipad data together" instructions.
Can you help?



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    Welcome to the forums, Dan! Thanks for taking the time to contact us. I'm sorry that you are having some trouble.

    I must say that I'm a tin y bit confused about where you are in the process, so let's take this one step at a time. Can you confirm for me that your 1Password data file is located in your Dropbox folder on your Mac? You can check the path in 1Password's preferences on the General pane. Here is mine as an example. In my case, the path listed is in my Dropbox folder:

    User > khad > Dropbox > 1Password > 1Password.agilekeychain

    What is the exact path listed in 1Password's preferences on your Mac?

    If your data is already being stored in your Dropbox folder and Dropbox indicates "All files up to date" then all you should need to do is turn on Dropbox syncing in the 1Password app on your iPad.

    1. Open the 1Password app on your iPad.
    2. While still within the 1Password app, tap: Settings > Sync
    3. Turn on Dropbox syncing

    If you are getting an error message on your iPad, please let me know what it says exactly. I'd be happy to provide more specific assistance if you can share more about the exact nature of the problem.

  • Finally! I was finally able to get 1P to download to my ipad by changing the password (??). Actually I didn't change it; but just went to change password and used the
    same on again.
    I now have purchased 2 1Password programs for my ipad. The one that is working is the icon without the silver border around it. Can I get credit for the other one
    since it didnt solve my problem?
  • I spoke too soon. While 1P is now working on my iphone and ipad, it no longer has any logins on my imac!! What gives here?
    When I click on the key icon in tool bar to log into a site, it shows a empty white box.
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    Hello djcaliendo,

    We received your support e-mail, and we will continue via that support channel until we determine a resolution.


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