Login issues with only certain browser windows/emails!

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I only have a single 1password account with a single master password, and yet it tells me my password is wrong when logging into my account in one of my two gmails.

This account works normally:
[removed by 1Password staff; this is a public forum]

This account was telling me that the password was wrong, and was repeatedly locking me out until I re-installed the browser extension for just that chrome email address/account:

Now, for some reason it lets me log in with that second (my work account), however the browser extension icon is still grayed out as if it is not logged in while it is, and when I click on it, I cannot access 98% of my passwords:

[removed by 1Password staff; this is a public forum]

The issue happens regardless of the browser or any other settings. The desktop app also still tells me that the password is incorrect unless I open a browser window with the email that it currently works for, then go back, close the app, then re-open and try again. that is when the second email address will suddenly allow me to log in, but again does not allow me to access any of my accounts, etc.

This has taken me hours of work to go nowhere... Though there was something technical going wrong that caused me to need to re-install it, the current problem is something simple I'm missing. I wish this was simpler to just access my stuff everywhere, or at least be informed on what I'm doing wrong... I couldn't find anything while searching through the forums or internet on this.

I also wish there was some way I could just reach out to you guys on the phone. This has wasted so much time and therefore money that would not have been thrown away if I could have just called. I'm sure whatever it is would have taken only 1 minute from you guys on the phone rather than having to search the internet, your forum, and then make a forum account, and write this whole things out. This kind of lack of customer support on something such as this that stops you from accessing ANYTHING of yours on the internet is NOT ok in 2019.

I have wasted FAR more time trying to fix this than it would have taken for me to just be keep track of my passwords manually. To have my entire internet locked behind your service without a quick way to contact you in critical situations such as this is detrimental to my company and business. Even with this resolved, I'm on the fence about continuing with your service if there is no way for me to be sure I can access the websites and services that are critical to my businesses operation.

1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: windows 10
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  • brentybrenty

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    @kfgelbart: I don't know why you're saying we don't have customer support when you've contacted us here now and also via email in the past, but I am sorry for the frustration. We do not have a call center. But a phone call would not help anyway because without the screenshots you provided, I would have nothing to go on here to have any idea of what might help you, and it would be impossible to transmit those via voice. Otherwise most of your comments are not to tell me anything about what you need help with, but to complain; that's fine, but it would have saved you time and effort to focus on the details of what you need help with, and then I'd have more info with which to help. Just something to consider.

    Moving on, I've removed a screenshot because it contained email addresses. But I've redacted it to put here since it illustrates the solution to your comments about finding your logins in 1Password mini:

    By default it displays logins based the website you're on -- in this case, docs.google.com. You can, however, use the search box at the top to find something else. 1Password just isn't going to offer to fill login credentials for a completely different website on the current one. That's an important phishing protection. If you find that you do absolutely need to fill a login for one website on another, you simply need to edit that login item in the main 1Password app to add multiple URLs.

    Additionally, the 1Password "keyhole" button in the Chrome toolbar is not "greyed out"; that's just what it looks like when Chrome inverts it based on the theme you're using there.

    It sounds like you may have some other things you're struggling with, but I'm not sure from your comments what that might be. Please let me know the specifics if you need further assistance: the exact OS, 1Password, browser, and extension versions you're using, which you omitted from your original post; and also the exact steps you're taking and what is/isn't happening as you expect. I'm sure we can help you get sorted then. :)

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @kfgelbart: I just noticed that you included a third screenshot as a link. I've removed that as well because it showed usernames/emails for some accounts. But it was helpful in that it showed that you're apparently using completely different versions of 1Password in different Chrome profiles.

    The coloured 1Password icon is 1Password X. It runs entirely in the browser and does not require or use a desktop app.

    The greyscale 1Password icon is the companion extension for the 1Password desktop app. That allows 1Password for Windows to integrate with the browser.

    I'd suggest using either a) the 1Password desktop app/extension or b) 1Password X, not both, to avoid confusion -- whichever you prefer. If you have questions about either, let me know.

  • kfgelbartkfgelbart
    edited December 2019

    Thank you for clearing up my confusion on the extension icon and the differences between the versions. I didn't know that they were completely different extensions with different purposes. Unfortunately, I still cannot log in with my work email's chrome browser. I uninstalled 1password desktop and 1password extension for that email and installed 1password X instead, but it still is refusing to let me in with the exact same master key/etc that is working for my other email beside it. For some reason, it does let me in once in a while, but then tells me I need to go to the website for authentication before viewing anything, which again refuses the correct login info. However, I had difficulty just now reproducing this to take a screenshot, probably since the switch to 1password X.

    Microsoft Windows 10 Home Version 10.0.18362 Build 18362
    1password X browser extension version 1.17.0 (for both extensions)
    Browser: Chrome Version 78.0.3904.108 (Official Build) (64-bit)
    Desktop app is now uninstalled

    Just in case, I'll try and clarify the issue further. When you open chrome, you select which of your gmail accounts you wish to use if you have multiple. If I select my personal g-mail, everything works as intended. However, if I select my work g-mail, the same credentials/email that works on one browser says that login info is incorrect for the other.

    Please, let me know anything else you need from me to help work this out.

  • Now my password is now suddenly not working with the other account either. This doesn't make any sense... I just re-set it, and I have been careful not to try a password often enough to cause me to be locked out. And it doesn't tell me I am locked out, it just says it is wrong.

    However, I may be able to help you with something here:

    I figured out I have multiple accounts all under that same Gmail address. We may have accidentally made multiple when trying to repair it after initially re-setting the account didn't work (awhile ago). Could this cause a conflict? I'm pretty sure I used the same password for each though anyway... is there a way to check on this from your end?

    To try and remove this from the equation, I tried to delete all but one of my logins connected to our business, but they seem to have re-appeared. I'm still not sure what to do, as we have already tried re-setting my logins half a dozen times.

    -UPDATE: now, just minutes later, I can once again log into my personal chrome's Gmail account, but also still not from my chrome's work account. Since I didn't do anything different between these login attempts but wait a few minutes, it makes me think this is something that's either not on my end, or there is something else on my computer that somehow changes how this works. I have been very diligent about making sure caps lock isn't pressed, etc. This problem is consistent no matter what wifi router, internet connection source, or even state I am in.

    Please let me know what to try next!

  • ceceliacecelia

    Team Member

    Hey @kfgelbart! Thanks so much for taking the time to explain what's going on to us. I'm really sorry for the obstruction this must've been to your workflow.

    I think I have an idea as to what's going on. Since 1Password X is just an extension and requires your permission to communicate with your 1Password account, if something changes in your 1Password account (Secret Key, Master Password, Email address, Sign in address), you'll need to re-authenticate the account with 1Password X. Since it sounds like things are working with your personal Chrome profile, let's head over to your work Chrome profile to see if we can get 1Password X to behave there as well.

    1. In your work Google Chrome profile, go to my.1Password.com.
    2. Sign in to your 1Password account.
    3. If you see a little Chrome notification show up offering to add your account to 1Password X, choose Add to 1Password x.
    4. If there's no prompt it means the account was already successfully added and just needed a re-authentication. If this is the case, can you click on the 1Password X icon in the browser's toolbar and check if it's unlocked (or if you can unlock it now)?
    5. Finally, let's check to make sure only the correct account is added to 1Password X. Click the 1Password X icon in the toolbar again, then click the Settings "gear" icon.
    6. Scroll down to the Accounts and Vaults section and confirm your account (the right one) is present.

    Let me know how it goes. :)

    As a side note, I noticed you said you uninstalled the desktop app but I wanted to let you know that even though 1Password X and the 1Password for Windows desktop app can't currently connect with one another, they'll still work well alongside one another. 1Password for Windows is nice for editing items and other things. Feel free to reinstall it if you'd like.

  • Maybe I'm not understanding your directions, or maybe you might have misunderstood the problem... As part of step 2, you recommended because my personal account wasn't working to sign into my work account, but the problem with my work account was that I couldn't sign in.

    Also, unfortunately (I think I might have mentioned this in a previous post), my personal account is working, but also does not always login correctly. It is like it logs in but only shows a few website's login info, but it also doesn't allow me to see the passwords for each and prompts me to log in to the website for authentication and gives me a link. Sometimes it does this and sits there like that not working, but sometimes it sits there like this for a while then randomly authenticates itself. Most often though by the slight majority (for that account at least), it goes straight in, so I can't quite replicate the issue on command to take a photo of it to show you. I can't find any rhyme or reason to this one. The last and most important thing to note here is that even on my personal account; when it does ask me to authenticate it from the half working browser extension window... I click the link it gives me and put in the information that usually works for that same (personal) account, and it gives me the same prompt that the login information is incorrect mirroring the problem with my work account. Then in a similarly ironic fashion, as mentioned before, I may fail to authenticate with this information but minutes later it may just authenticate itself or something and be working fine. 🤷‍♂️

    This is what I get every time, both when I try to log in with my work email, and/or try to authenticate through the link given to me in the browser extension on my personal account specifically when it isn't working as mentioned:

    And then on those last points about deleting other accounts and only leaving the correct account... I can only access this page where I can switch between emails from my personal chrome email and not work account, which won't matter once I get in properly on my work email but thought I'd mention that in case it helps. The main thing to mention is that I have actually found three 1password accounts (just for me) total connected to that single work email (the one that ironically does not work) and all of them are the exact same in lettering, etc. I only have the credentials for 2 of these three logins, but again only one of them works and for only my chrome's personal email. The good news on this is that I DO have the correct login credentials for one of those 3 accounts, but regardless that is the credentials that do not work for the work email. The last thing to mention here is that even under my personal email's chrome account that the passwords work for (most of the time), whenever I try to delete any or even all my connected accounts (I've tried this in frustration) I can't even do that. It prompts me as if they have been deleted, but they remain.

    This is a photo of the multiple accounts under the same email (which may be causing a conflict) but which I cannot delete any of:

    (You may delete this photo or edit my email out if you wish to keep it here for forum records. I'm not too worried about leaving it up here overnight.)

    This is some weird stuff...

    One last item - have you guys been reported more issues with 1password (with the desktop attached) or 1password x? just thought I'd make sure to be using whatever has fewer complications next time I get some instruction from you guys.


  • I am still dealing with numerous issues like this. Primarily, it seemingly randomly stops accepting the same password I have copied and pasted over numerous times prior, which results in me having to take my boss's time to recover my account every day or two. I would really like to speak with someone in your office on the phone about resolving this issue. It has been multiple months now and a screen mirroring with one of you guys may reveal a simple solution. At the very least I would like to figure out a temporary workaround, such as if there is an option for my boss to give me permission over recovering my account myself?


  • kfgelbartkfgelbart
    edited December 2019

    I would very much like some direction. It has been over a month and three messages since I have last gotten a response. My job is now in jeopardy over this issue. Please get back ASAP, I need to know what I can do.

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