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I Think that could be good that you add a function to print list of passwords. I Mean:

I Use 1password at work (IT Admin) for admin People's passwords for intranet, mail, entrance, etc. so Someteimes I need to print a list of user-passwords so I can take the printed page and go to each employ desktop or anywhere to configure things withot depend of my computer screen.

I think that could be 2 way to do it, and the 2 ways could work together.
First: Print folder of passwords. I Mean I can "on the fly" add loggins to a folder to print or select the Sales department accounts folder and print it.

Second: Add to each loggin account in 1password interface a little button to select it (just like itunes) and then i could have the option to print the selected passwords.


  • NikNik 1Password Alumni
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    You can print your data by clicking File > Print Selected, or File > Print.
  • fdavis99fdavis99 Junior Member
    I have 466 logins. "Print All" results in 126 pages. That's obviously not acceptable.

    I need to print all logins, one line each. Any tricks, or future plans to support that?
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    Thanks for asking about this, fdavis99. I just reviewed the print output using by previewing the data as a PDF. There really isn't much whitespace we could compress. Printing will print all the data stored in each Login. Often the information required to successfully log in to a website will be more than can fit on one line. Notably, URLs alone can exceed a single line's length. Consider using the feature built-in to OS X to print multiple pages on a single sheet of paper:

    How many pages you use will depend on how small you are able to read the text. :) I would suggest doing a test run with a single page.

    You can also use both sides of the paper to save more trees or simply burn a copy of your data file to a CD or copy it to a USB flash drive depending on your use case. A CD in a safe deposit box with the master password written on it is no less secure than pages of passwords printed in the clear.

    I hope that helps for now, but I will mention to the developers that you would like to see the number of pages in the printout reduced.

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