Wavebox Preview is now Chromium [Wavebox works with 1Password X]

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Wavebox is using Chromium now and can use 1Password! But it can't connect with the Desktop app. I reached out to Wavebox and they said 1Password said this:

"For some technical background - Wavebox fully supports the local 1Password extensions from a code standpoint, but the 1Password desktop app rejects any browser connection other than the mainstream ones (Firefox, Chrome, etc. as identified by their digital signature). This is an active policy decision by 1Password and one they are not willing to change unless lots and lots of their customers demand it - so may be worth sending a quick note to the 1Password support forums"

So hopefully we can get Wavebox added?!


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  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member

    Hi @keithah! Welcome to the forum!

    Thank you very much for taking time out of your day to to share this feedback! We appreciate every idea that could make 1Password even better. We currently do not have any plans to support additional browsers, so I didn't want to give you false hopes, but you did the right thing posting here :)

    Once again, thank you and have a wonderful day!

  • Hello @ag_ana,

    I would love for AgileBits to reconsider.

    As visible here, there are many Wavebox users who would like to use 1Password (make sure to click "Show more" until you the many comments clamoring for 1Password support):


    Since there is no free version of 1Password, all the requests above were made by your paid users. Previously, it was Wavebox that was not technically able to support 1Password.

    Now that Wavebox 10 allows arbitrary Chrome extensions, I think I would be really furious if the only thing in the way of using 1Password (which I pay for) with Wavebox (which I also pay for) was some pedantic refusal to whitelist an additional browser.

    I understand that Wavebox 10 supports 1PasswordX and that "1PasswordX is the future of 1Password" but as I have made abundantly clear to AgileBits, while cloud accounts are convenient for most people, what made me choose 1Password over all the alternatives in the first place is the robust support for local vaults.

    Thank you and wishing you a wonderful day too.

  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member

    @Jeremie - thanks for weighing in on this subject. I'll pass your wishes along to the development team.

  • tseventseven Junior Member

    I'd love to see support for Wavebox as well!

  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member

    @tseven - I will mention your wishes to the development team, but I can tell you we likely aren't going to be adopting any new browsers for the foreseeable future. Thanks for weighing in.

  • RMNLRMNL Junior Member
    edited December 2019


    I'd like this to be added too.

    Also, can someone explain how the 1PasswordX extension supports every browser, but the regular 1Password doesn't? What's the technical limitation that makes it possible in one extension but not in the other. Thanks!

  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member

    @RMNL - thanks for adding your voice to this; we'll pass along your views to the development team. For the record 1Password X doesn't "support every browser." It's not available on Safari if you have a Mac, for example (though we are working on bringing the 1Password X functionality to Safari, it's not based on some of the same underlying technologies that both Chromium and Mozilla have adopted). 1Password X can be installed on any browser that's Chromium-based or Firefox-based.

  • RMNLRMNL Junior Member

    @Lars Thanks for the reply.

    Let me rephrase my question: Why is it OK to use the 1PasswordX extension in any Chromium based browser but not OK to use the 1Password extension in any Chromium based browser. Why is one trusted and the other one not?

  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member


    That's because 1Password X runs directly within the browser as an independent extension, while if you use the companion extension, the 1Password desktop app needs to connect to the browser first, and make sure it is a trusted browser.

  • codescodes
    edited December 2019

    Hey, 1password paid user over here. Would appreciate whitelisting Wavebox, which is running on Chromium (along with the new Edge which already supports the desktop app required extension) being able to use the extension. I use my fingerprint to access the vault; not being able to do so on Wavebox (which I, along with many others, use for many hours a day) is incredibly frustrating. Logging into sites is a total pain and it makes me think of one password not supporting this browser I use every day, every time.

    When can we expect the companion extension to be approved for Wavebox?

    Also I want to say thanks for your effort and work on 1password; I love this extension and am happy to pay for its utility! I really hope support for Wavebox happens in the near future!

  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member


    Thank you for your feedback! We currently do not have any plans to support additional browsers, so I don't want to give you false hopes as it would not be fair. But as mentioned before in this discussion, we will be happy to pass your feedback to the developers for consideration, perhaps one day we will be able to do this :)

    And thank you for the kind words as well!

  • Hi there,

    One more vote for this, I think we're just looking for this to be whitelisted. This would definitely make my life easier as I use wavebox as my primary browser. I understand that there is 1password X but it's not the same great experience that's provided with TouchID.

    Please add support for Wavebox!


  • ag_tommyag_tommy

    Team Member


    Thanks for adding your feedback.

    Have you seen 1Password X (beta)? It has desktop integration and Touch ID. If it's of interest look here - https://discussions.agilebits.com/discussion/79610/how-to-install-1password-x-beta-in-chrome-and-firefox#latest

    I just gave it a go with Wavebox. However, I was unable to establish communication between 1Password X and the 1Password desktop app. :( I suggest keeping an eye on the beta for any future enhancements.

  • ag_yaronag_yaron

    Team Member

    Just to clarify here - the desktop app integration with Touch ID is only available with supported browsers since the 1Password desktop app is involved. It will not work in Wavebox or any other browser that is not officially supported.

    1Password X will work great on any Chromium based browser, but without desktop app integration unless that browser is Chrome, Firefox, Vivaldi, Opera, Brave or Chromium Edge, which are officially supported by the 1Password desktop app.

  • ag_tommyag_tommy

    Team Member
    edited January 9


    What I intended to say was always check the beta, as that's where you would see future changes. * If they happen.
    I did not mean to infer that Wavebox would be supported now or in the future. It read perfectly fine to me yesterday, and after @Yaron posted, it seemed to read another way. :( My apologies if you may have misinterpreted my meaning, it was not intended. You have to love this 2D world we live in. ;)

  • rudyrudy

    Team Member

    Just to further clarify @yaron's reply, Edge is not supported in the release version, it will only work with the betas of 1Password for Mac.

  • jpedrozajpedroza
    edited January 17

    I want to say thanks for your effort and work on 1password; I love this extension and am happy to pay for its utility! I really hope support for Wavebox happens in the near future! I have been dying for Wavebox to support 1Password and now they do woohoo, but 1Password does not support Wavebox so I crash-landed and back to being disappointed :( but I still like 1Password :)

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Thanks for the kind words, @jpedroza. :)


  • I also want to use 1password with wavebox which - beside beeing home of my gmail, facebook... accounts - more and more is becoming my main browser -the possibility to have different identities for different browsing needs is really helpfull in todays internet where everybody tracks everybody else.

    At my understanding, what you need to support is mainly

    a) decide wavebox is a trustful developer/browser (it is) and include it to the list of trusted browsers
    b) 1password needs to know the path to the location where the .json file has to be placed.

    Maybe I miss some small bits, but as far as I understand this is mainly what you have to do to support wavebox.

    Alternatively 1password could have an option to ad a chromium browsers to the list of trusted browser at the users own risk, so I could add any chromium browser I want to. Of course it would be my own responsibility it is a browser from a trusted source.

    Really hope you can add this soon - if it won't happen I'll migrate to another password solution after wavebox is more important to me then 1password.

  • ag_yaronag_yaron

    Team Member

    Hey @MatHeb ,
    Thanks for chiming in.

    You can manage different identities in any browser by opening an additional user profile for each identity, and even work in multiple profiles simultaneously in some of them (like in Chrome).

    We do understand the desire to add support for this browser and there is more to it then just throwing in support in our apps for it. We take responsibility for our users safety.

    Users who want to enjoy 1Password on any Chromium browser are more than welcome to use 1Password X, which has its own built-in security mechanisms and does not require the desktop app to function or to approve the browser at hand. Other than that - we do not have plans currently to support additional browsers in the desktop app.

    We get A LOT of requests to support all kinds of browsers, some are semi-familiar, some are only relevant to certain countries, and some are browsers you've never heard of. We can't keep track of them all and can't ensure our users safety if we simply allow the desktop app to connect to whatever the user wants.
    I hope the logic here makes sense to you :)

    Thanks again for the feedback and for adding your voice in this feature request.

  • Wavebox goes way beyond the simple identity switching in other chrome browsers, especially if you work with web apps like webmail a.s.o. like setting apps to sleep but still get notifications a.s.o.

    1PasswordX is no solution after I neither want a subscription nor cloud based password storage. I know you do everything you can to push your users towards this.

  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member

    We appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts on this. Thank you :+1:

  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member

    @MatHeb - thanks for letting us know you would like to see this. I appreciate your passion for both Wavebox and 1Password. I want to be as clear as possible here, however, since people continue to ask about using 1Password in Wavebox.

    1. If you have a 1Password account, you can install 1Password X and use it in Wavebox.
    2. As Yaron said above, "we do not have plans currently to support additional browsers in the desktop app."
  • If people continue to ask, perhaps that's a strong signal that the stance should be rethought. I'm a subscriber, but I use a local password store at work since it'd be irresponsible for me to share internal passwords off-site. 1PasswordX won't do local stores.

    I do get your stance, so no need to reiterate, but the fact is that if you're stuck in GSuite, these page aggregators are extremely useful, and your functionality with them would be best described as...limited.

    You should continue to consider supporting the mature ones, just as you've added other Chromium-based browsers as they've matured. If there's a problem in the security between your desktop app and an untrusted browser, it's a problem with trusted browsers too--none of them are perfect, speaking from my experience at a major browser vendor. That should be no reason to withhold support.

  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member

    Indeed, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. We will definitely keep them in mind going forward @geoelectric :+1:

  • Wow — The outright refusals here are enough to have me rethinking my subscription. This, combined with other longstanding usability bugs that the team refuses to address give me a quickly descending view of the 1Password organization.

    Your users are making their desires and valid use cases known and you're rejecting them out of hand.

  • ag_yaronag_yaron

    Team Member
    edited January 29

    Hey @signe,
    We currently only support big mainstream browsers and cannot offer official support and trust for every niche browser out there. We're constantly being asked to add support for all sorts of browsers - some of which are semi-familiar and some of which we never even heard of. There's a lot more to it than just adding support for the browser, there's a whole security aspect that we need to audit and maintain.

    If/when Wavebox will become big enough to be considered a mainstream browser, we will surely go through the appropriate procedure and add it to our list of supported browsers, as we did with the new Microsoft Edge that was just released officially recently.

    If you have a subscription membership account, you can install 1Password X in Wavebox right now and enjoy 1Password in your browser.
    Regarding the issues you are having, we'll be happy to help you with them so feel free to email us at [email protected] with all the details and we'll get on the case :)

  • lordkevlordkev
    edited February 13

    Adding another request for Wavebox support, though it seems to be falling on deaf ears.

    I don't really buy the argument regarding always getting requests for different browsers and therefore supporting no alternative browsers. It seems to me that it could be implemented in a way that would allow more flexibility without having to manually support each new request. How about a system where the first request from an unrecognized browser pops up a prompt in the 1Password for Mac app simply asking the user if they'd like to accept connections from that browser? It seems like a fair balance of flexibility and security to me. Even if that's just an option that has to be manually enabled, I'm happy to take some responsibility for my own security.

    Edit: You could even add an extra layer of security where the extension provides a code the user has to verify within the 1Password for Mac app. This doesn't seem to be an unsolvable problem, and would make a lot of users of various alternative browsers happy.

  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member

    @lordkev - thanks for the suggestions, and for letting us know you'd be interested in Wavebox support. We've no plans currently to add support for any additional browsers in 1Password, but you'd see something like that in release notes in the beta version first, if that were to change.

  • +1

    I'd like support for Wave to be added too. Echoing what others have said, I think there should be an setting to manually whitelist specific browsers, like Wavebox.

    Where is the list of officially supported browsers and versions? I dug around in the 1Password support portal, but couldn't find a list like @Yaron mentioned:

    1Password X will work great on any Chromium based browser, but without desktop app integration unless that browser is Chrome, Firefox, Vivaldi, Opera, Brave or Chromium Edge, which are officially supported by the 1Password desktop app.

    Doesn't 1Password officially support Safari?

    I also found this support article about native messaging support. Turns out Wavebox supports native messaging. I followed the steps listed under If you use Chrome Canary or Microsoft Edge and copied the json file mentioned into Wavebox's NativeMessagingHosts folder and when I restarted Wavebox I got a message saying

    1password can't verify the identity of your web browser

    It seems like supporting Wavebox should be as simple as getting the SHA checksum of the Wavebox application and adding it to the list of supported web browsers in 1Password. AKA it's not a technical limitation or anything that requires any development work for 1Password. Rather it's a policy choice made by the 1Password team.

    Adding another data point, I looked at the Desktop Browser Market Share Worldwide data from Statcounter and all the browsers supported by 1Password make sense except for Vivaldi. All of them have full single or double digit market share (Edge just launched 3 months ago but I suspect it will eat up the Edge Legacy market share rather quickly). Vivaldi on the other hand has never had more than 0.05% market share and in recent months has been declining further.

    I have nothing against Vivaldi; I'm just pointing out that 1Password's decision to support Vivaldi does not seem to be in line with what @Yaron mentioned when he said We currently only support big mainstream browsers and cannot offer official support and trust for every niche browser out there. It is worth noting that Wavebox does not even show up on the list of browsers from Statscounter, so it could definitely be considered a niche browser.

    Please take this post not as a critique of the decisions made to develop 1Password and to choose which browsers to support (I think it's a great tool!), but rather as a request to have more open, transparent support for the browsers your users want to use. I definitely understand and empathize with being responsible for your users safety, and I think it is possible to offer more choice and customization for which browsers are supported while still keeping your users safe.

    And if it's not in the cards to build some system to whitelist specific browsers, please consider whitelisting Wavebox because, like 1Password, it's also a great piece of software.

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