1Password 6 on MacBook, settings greyed out

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  • I have just installed 1password 6 on my new matchbook pro. All fields in "security" in settings are grayed out. There is no vault in rainbow circle. any help?

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    Usually, the greyed out preferences would indicate that the application is locked. You would need to unlock it to alter those security settings. However, your comment on no vault in the rainbow circle has me stumped. Would you be able to describe in more detail what it is you're seeing? It would help me narrow down what the issue is.

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    You're asking about the Mac version using 1Password 6, so I am going to move it to the 1Password 6 forum.

  • Here are screenshots:

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    Is 1Password locked?


  • Thank you Ben. I solved the problem for myself. Installed 7 and it works as expected.

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