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  • Using the today’s latest version of app on iphone and iPad with the same results at Bank of America.

    The password doesn’t auto fill when touching the password field. But I can select my saved password from above keyboard as usual. The site always responds that the password is invalid.

    If I go to my 1password vault and copy my password for this site to the clipboard, and then I return to the sit, enter my username, and paste in the password, I am able to login. So the saved password is correct.

    I noticed that when I paste in the password from clipboard, it is hidden in the pwd field with a certain number of dots. If I use auto fill by selecting 1password entry from above the keyboard, the password is hidden with a much greater number of dots.

    So the saved password is correct, but when auto fill retreated from the vault and populates the password field, that password gets modified in someway.

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    Hi @goerlpa

    I'm sorry for the difficulty. It sounds like what happened here is that you tried to use a password that is longer than what Bank of America accepts. When pasting, they only allow the first X characters to be pasted. But when filling, the entire saved value is entered. So for example, if you have saved the password as myPasswordIs1234567890 (22 characters) but Bank of America only accepts 18 characters your password might actually be myPasswordIs123456 (the first 18 characters). You may need to edit your record for BoA in 1Password accordingly. Does that make sense?


  • Thanks, that resolved it.

  • ag_tommyag_tommy

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    On behalf of Ben you're welcome. :)

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